Web Search Optimizer: Get Customized Search Results [Firefox]
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The Internet has massively evolved over the last decade, to the benefit of the world’s population. When Google was first founded, it’s search results were, like most other search engines’ results, mediocre at best. Today, however, we really don’t have to worry too much about finding what we want when we use these search engines. However, there’s still that little extra “fat” on there that we could get rid of, and there’s an extension which does this beautifully.

customized search firefox

Web Search Optimizer is an extension for Firefox which helps you focus in on specifically the results that you want. It can help you specify the relevant keywords in your search, narrow down by time and file type, remove results which come from price comparison sites like Amazon, exclude personal entries from price comparison sites, and even enable a custom blacklist of unwanted content. These settings work completely with Google and Bing, along with a few general settings for all other search engines.


  • Specify relevant keywords.
  • Narrow by time and file type.
  • Remove results from price comparison sites.
  • Exclude personal entries from such sites.
  • Enable a blacklist.

Check Web Search Optimizer @ [No Longer Available]

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