Web Historian: Monitor & Analyse History of All Installed Web Browsers

Hammad 11-05-2012

Every browser comes packed with its very own history manager that allows users to view all of the websites accessed; programs downloaded and so on. However, what if your computer has say two browsers in use – Mozilla preferred by you and Chrome by your brother or anyone else?


analyze browser history

Mandiant Web Historian is a tool that allows users to extract, view and analyze different URL(s) on the history file of all the browsers available on your computer: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. One of the great features of the website is the fact that it allows users to view a statistical graph of the results at the end.

Using the software is pretty straightforward and simple.  Once you open up the program, use the “Scan” button to open up the “Web History Scan” window. You can configure a few options before letting the scan continue. The program will then automatically search for the history folders of all the supported browsers, or you can manually select a path for the program.

Once the scan is complete, you can view the URLS, cookies, downloads and form history. You can even view the information in a form of a graph or statistical chart of the aforementioned data – history, cookies, downloads, forms, etc. The graphic representation can be in the form of pie charts or even bar diagrams.



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