Weatherflow: A Gorgeous Weather App for Windows 8
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Do you want to know whether or not you need a raincoat or jacket before you go out? For that, you would need a weather app. Windows 8 is a new platform needing a gorgeous Windows 8 weather app. There are so many weather apps and widgets available for Windows 8. Eventually, you will only have to pick one.

WeatherFlow is one such app. This Windows 8 app gets you ready for the day with quick weather forecasts designed seamlessly for Windows 8’s tile design.

weather app for windows 8

WeatherFlow’s design dynamically changes depending on the weather forecast of the day. For example, the app will change to sunny yellow if the app forecasts clear skies, or cloudy white for cloudy forecasts. You can pin live tiles to display weather information so that you can see glance-able information on your desktop.

Once you open the app, it quickly flashes metrics like temperature, rain cover, precipitation, sunrise and sunset times, wind direction, and hourly forecasts. You can also setup WeatherFlow to change temperature units or manage locations automatically. Adding locations is a breeze and you can switch from one location to another to view their weather forecasts.


WeatherFlow’s responsive and beautiful interface makes it a good example of an ideal Windows 8 experience.


  • Quick weather dashboard for Windows 8.
  • Pin tiles to get quick weather info from your desktop.
  • App design changes based on weather forecast.
  • Manage locations and quick switch to view other forecasts.
  • Available free for Windows 8 and Windows RT.
  • Similar Tools: ZocialSky, SkyMotion and Eye In Sky Weather

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