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We Like You: 8 Musicians With The Most Popular Pages On Facebook

Dave Parrack 17-07-2013

We Like You: 8 Musicians With The Most Popular Pages On Facebook facebook like stampPeople use Facebook in lots of different ways. Connecting with friends, sharing photos online, and discovering news are just a few examples. Also popular are Facebook Pages, which are profiles for celebrities, bands, brands, and websites. MakeUseOf naturally has its own Facebook page, which you should visit and Like right now… done? Then we shall continue.


MakeUseOf has a respectable 220,000 followers on Facebook at the time of this writing, but that’s nothing compared to celebrities with such big names that their fanbases are millions-strong. Musicians in particular build immense followings on social networking sites How Do Celebrities Manage Their Social Media Accounts And What Can We Learn From Them Celebrities are the premium fuel of the social media world, and people like you and me just keep burning it. I’m certainly not saying it’s bad thing, though. It’s just a fact! However, have you... Read More , and what follows are eight musicians with the most popular Pages you’ll find on Facebook. All of the numbers stated below are correct at the time of writing but are obviously subject to change.


We Like You: 8 Musicians With The Most Popular Pages On Facebook facebook rihanna

73 Million Likes

Rihanna is, incredibly, only 25 years old, and yet she has managed to build a huge career since entering the music industry in 2004. Best known for a string of chart hits, sexy outfits, and an on-off relationship with fellow R&B star Chris Brown, Rihanna takes the title of most popular musician on Facebook. Her updates are all written in the third-person by someone else.


We Like You: 8 Musicians With The Most Popular Pages On Facebook facebook eminem


72 Million Likes

Eminem, also known as Slim Shady, is a rapper, songwriter, producer and part-time actor who entered the entertainment industry around 1990. He had a huge hit in 1999 with his debut album The Slim Shady LP, and has continued to release new material and tour around the world ever since. His Facebook Page isn’t updated very often, and then not by the man himself.


We Like You: 8 Musicians With The Most Popular Pages On Facebook facebook shakira

66 Million Likes


Shakira is a singer-songwriter originally from Columbia. Having forged a career in Latin America at a young age, she found a place in the English-language market with the album Laundry Service, especially thanks to Whenever, Wherever. Her Facebook Page is updated regularly, though not by her (are you seeing a pattern yet?) with both her music and charity work highlighted.

Michael Jackson

We Like You: 8 Musicians With The Most Popular Pages On Facebook facebook michael jackson

61 Million Likes

Michael Jackson may have died in 2009, but his legacy lives on with a healthy social networking presence (and he’s not the only zombie celebrity active on social networks). The Tweeting Dead: 5 Zombie Celebrities Active On Twitter While there are some celebrities who tweet for themselves, there are many more who pay someone else to do it for them, either on a full-time or part-time basis. This bizarrely means that when a... Read More The King of Pop was perhaps the most successful entertainer of all time, with a career that kicked off when he was just 6-years-old and continued on until his untimely death. For an artist who is no longer with us, his Facebook Page is updated surprisingly often.


Lady Gaga

We Like You: 8 Musicians With The Most Popular Pages On Facebook facebook lady gaga

58 Million Likes

Lady Gaga is only 27-years-old and yet is regarded as one of the most powerful women in music. Her mixing of pop and electronic music, all with a healthy layer of the bizarre sprinkled on top, has led to worldwide fame, and she’s used that fame to highlight political issues close to her heart. Gaga has her own social network of sorts, but still uses Facebook to connect with her fanbase. Most updates are written by other people, but she occasionally posts in person.

Justin Bieber

We Like You: 8 Musicians With The Most Popular Pages On Facebook facebook justin bieber


55 Million Likes

Justin Bieber can rightly be regarded as a phenomenon at this point, despite the fact that no one over the age of 15 understands what appeal the Canadian singer holds. Still, he’s gone from being discovered on YouTube — being, to my mind at least, one of the 5 worst singers found on YouTube Silence Is Golden: The 5 Worst Singers Found On YouTube YouTube is truly one of the tent-poles of the Internet, being one of the few websites known and loved by all. And with good reason. It's the home to millions of video clips covering all... Read More — to having millions of fans, many of which publicly state their fandom on Facebook. Bieber deserves at least some respect for managing some of his social networking activity himself.

Katy Perry

We Like You: 8 Musicians With The Most Popular Pages On Facebook facebook katy perry

55 Million Likes

Katy Perry is a singer-songwriter known for releasing insanely catchy pop songs. She enjoyed commercial success with the release of I Kissed A Girl in 2008, but had previously spent almost a decade chasing her dream of stardom. Her Facebook Page isn’t updated consistently, and when it is it’s by some paid lackey. Still, fans won’t care about any of that, and she does have rather a lot of them.


We Like You: 8 Musicians With The Most Popular Pages On Facebook facebook beyonce

49 Million Likes

Beyonce is one of the most powerful women in music, not only for her solo career, but also for being a founding member of Destiny’s Child and for being married to rapper Jay-Z. Her Facebook Page is clearly updated by a paid employee, but some of the updates are made to look like they’re from the singer herself. Which is surely a no-no in the rules of how to maintain a good Facebook page 10 Great Ways To Improve Your Facebook Page's Popularity Facebook pages come in all manner of different shapes and sizes. Many are pretty lame, gaining very few likes and with hardly anyone talking about them. Obviously the subject of the page is the most... Read More .


You may personally not like any of the musicians listed here but in terms of the Facebook userbase, they represent the most popular musicians on the planet. Not only are they popular compared to other musicians, they’re also popular when compared to all Pages on Facebook, no matter who or what owns them. At the time of writing, Rihanna is fourth overall, and Beyonce is 18th, with the other names mentioned all somewhere in between the two.

Do you like (and/or Like with a capital L) any of the musicians listed here? Do these names leave you wondering how certain people become so insanely popular, whether on Facebook on in real life? Which Pages belonging to individuals do you follow on Facebook? Please feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Image Credit: Denis Dervisevic

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  1. Gde S
    July 17, 2013 at 10:11 am

    Popular doesn't mean good. McDonald's is popular.

    • Dave P
      July 17, 2013 at 11:24 pm

      I happen to like McDonald's food... but yes, you're right. I couldn't even attempt to argue that Justin Bieber is in any way "good."