3 Ways To Share Multiple Links On One Page

Nancy Messieh 29-05-2013

share multiple linksURL shortening is certainly nothing new. In fact, it’s become an absolute necessity when it comes to sharing links on social networks that limit your character count like Twitter. But rather than simply shorten URLs and present them in neat little shortened URLs, it’s also possible to do exactly the same thing to share multiple links The 3 Best Websites to Create Shortened URL Bundles With Twitter being the main credit to its success, URL shortening is a trend that popped up recently and is probably here to stay. A newer twist that I've noticed emerging are URL bundles, a... Read More . There are several services which make it easy to share a bundle of links together as one shortened link.


Depending on what your personal needs might be, there are several ways you can go about this. You can opt for a media-rich option which offers previews, embedded media and more, making it possible to share a slick and visually appealing list of links, or you can go for a simple list that simply features all of the links you want to share.

No matter what your needs might be, there are many reasons you might want to share multiple links from one page. Whether it’s for research purposes, life-streaming purposes, or even creating a playlist of sorts, we’ve found several more sites that will make it easy to share multiple links in one go.

Media Rich URLs With Bitly Bundles

share multiple links

Bitly Bundles can be private or public so you can use them for sharing with your Twitter followers, with people who only have the URL, or simply keep them to yourself. If you’re sharing your bundles with other users, you can always find out a little bit more about how many hits the bundle has received.

Bitly also makes it easy to add links to your bundle using a bookmarklet, and you can reorder your bookmarks with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature so that you can present the links exactly the way you want to. Better yet, the links are media rich, so if you add a YouTube video to your Bitly Bundle, the video is embedded directly on the page. Links feature a small preview from the article you’re sharing.


Interesting Bitly Bundles features: Private and public bundles, group features, basic analytics and media-rich links.

Easy Quick Sharing With FatURL [No Longer Available]

share multiple links at once

If you’re looking for a more straight forward option for sharing multiple URLs, FatURL [Broken URL Removed] is a great option. You can share up to 36 links on one page, and can add captions next to each URL. Once you’ve placed all of your URLs in the window, FatURL will provide you with up to 14 options for a handy short URL perfect for sharing on Twitter. You can also generate a QR code with the service to provide an alternative way for users to access your links.

While you don’t have to sign up to FatURL to use the site, doing so does bring with it a few added benefits. Signing up for a free account means that you can get additional basic analytics and access to your link bundles from one page.


One drawback to using FatURL is that it makes it quite tricky to add new links to your page once you’ve created it.

Interesting FatURL features: Share multiple links via QR code, very easy to use, no need to sign up to use the site.

Create a Slideshow With BridgeURL

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If you want to get really creative with the way that your links are presented, BridgeURL Shorten Multiple Weblinks Into One With BridgeURL Read More  creates a slideshow with all of your links, whereas most alternative services go for the basic list format. BridgeURL is another service that you can use without having to sign up for an account. Simply enter in the list of links you want to share and hit the button to generate your link. You’ll be presented with two links – a longer BridgeURL link and a shortened Bitly link.


The only drawback to using BridgeURL is that if a site does not support displaying their content via iFrames, the site will not be able to generate a preview page.

Interesting BridgeURL features: Visually interesting way of sharing links as a slideshow, no need to sign up ro use the site.

Once you’ve decided which site suits your personal needs, be sure to check out our ideas for using bundled links creatively The Advantages of Setting Up Your Own URL Shortener and How to Do It In a world of 140 characters, and short attention spans, you need to get as much text as possible in your Twitter status, if you are going to effectively get your message across. Read More to power-charge your use of these sites.

What’s your preferred service to share multiple links on one page? Let us know in the comments.


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