10 Ways Your Browser Can Help You Be More Creative

Sandy Writtenhouse 19-05-2017

You don’t have to scour the web for tools to explore your creativity 12 Gadgets Every Creative Person Should Carry at All Times Here's a variety of small gadgets that'll boost your creativity and productivity. Hopefully they'll all help to make your life a little easier. Read More . Whether you want to express yourself or simply find inspiration, you have terrific options right in your browser. For Firefox and Chrome users, these extensions can help those who enjoy writing, drawing, art, and music.


Capture Your Thoughts

Maybe the perfect name for your character or ideal wording for that sentence popped into your head. You do not have to risk losing it by closing your browser to open your writing software. These extensions let you record your thoughts in an instant.

1. Quiet Writer

Quiet Writer for Chrome provides a handy way for you to not just write, but do it without distractions. You can use the full-screen mode with a click and your words are automatically saved for the next time.

You also have a few options for choosing the font style and size, color theme, and character or word count displays. Just click the Quiet Writer button in your toolbar and you are on your way.

chrome quiet writer

2. Simple Text Editor [No Longer Available]

Firefox has an add-on that is just as convenient, Simple Text Editor. Click the button in your toolbar and this basic editor will open in a new tab. Jot down your thoughts and ideas using the Simple mode or pop in your programming code with Advanced mode.


Whatever you write is automatically saved, even if you exit your browser completely. If you just need something quick and easy, then Simple Text Editor is for you.

firefox simple text editor

Click to Draw

There are many situations where you may want or need to create a quick drawing Want to Become an Artist? 13 Chrome Apps to Get You Started Do you have an interest in art or becoming an artist? Or maybe you have a friend or child who does? With Chrome apps and extensions, you can explore that amazing world. Read More . You may have received unexpected inspiration, seen the most beautiful scene, or remembered a dream image. Whatever it is, you can just click a button and sketch or paint that picture with these tools.

3. InspirARTion — Sketch and Draw

For Chrome, you have several options for drawing tools that work both online and offline Get Creative While Offline With These 8 Amazing Chrome Apps Keep your creativity flowing where you're on-the-go with these incredible offline apps for Google Chrome. Read More . InspirARTion — Sketch and Draw is an app you can open in a hurry that offers nice features. You can start by selecting a brush type, size, and color.


Then, use the eraser if you need to, experiment with the Undo and Redo options, share your creations on Facebook, or just save your masterpiece.

chrome inspirartion

4. App for Google Paint

While finding a simple drawing tool for Firefox can be a challenge, one good option is App for Google Paint. The add-on only requires you to sign into your Google account and then pops Google Drawings open in its own window.

So, if you already use Google applications like Drive, Docs, and Slides then this extension might be even more convenient for you. Then, open your creations from Google Drawings anywhere you access it.


firefox app for google paint

Feel Inspired

If you appreciate art and design, then you will like these extensions. You might be looking for a bit of inspiration for your own artwork or simply enjoy viewing different types of pieces. Either way, these options give you classic to modern art and everything in between.

5. Design Hunt

For images of all types, photos, illustrations, logos, and more, check out Design Hunt for Chrome. When you open a new tab, you will see a collection of designs that you can browse through.

You can click one to view a larger size, see the colors used, and share it via social media. Hit Select to see only Featured designs or tap the space bar on your keyboard to refresh the collection.


chrome design hunt

6. Google Art Project

Available for both Chrome and Firefox [No Longer Available], the Google Art Project extension puts a piece of art in your new tab each day. The images are courtesy of the Google Cultural Institute and range in style. If you see one that really sparks an interest, you can click the name of it or the artist to obtain more information.

You can also hit the refresh button to view additional pieces of art. If you like viewing artwork, check out Google Art Project.

firefox google art project

Find Your Rhyme

You might compose music with lyrics, poetry or limericks, or like to write children’s stories. For these types of creative outlets, you likely need words that rhyme at one point or another. These handy browser extensions provide you the options you need.

7. Rhymey

Finding rhymes when you are using Chrome could not be easier than with Rhymey. Once you install this extension, a pop-up box of rhymes will appear any time that you double-click on a word.

So, if you are visiting a website or composing an email, you can find words that rhyme without even trying. And, Rhymey provides an extensive variety.

chrome rhymey

8. RhymeZone [No Longer Available]

For Firefox, take a look at the RhymeZone add-on which works a little differently than Rhymey for Chrome. After you install it, it will become one of your search engine options. To use it, enter your word into the Firefox search box and then choose RhymeZone from your list of search option.

You will then be directed to the RhymeZone website with rhymes that match your word displayed. (To view your Firefox One-Click Search Engine list, select Tools > Options > Search.)

10 Ways Your Browser Can Help You Be More Creative RhymeZone FF

Sing a Little Song

Maybe music is in your heart and you feel more inspired when you listen to it. Or, maybe you compose music and check out song lyrics to generate your own ideas. These browser extensions give you the words to the songs you are listening to with very little effort.

9. Gaana Lyrics Extension

If you listen to music in Chrome from a streaming service like, Spotify, or Groove The 8 Best Free Online Music Streaming Services With No Limitations Want to listen to free music without limitations? Here are the best free music streaming services with no restrictions. Read More , then sing along with the Gaana Lyrics Extension. Once you install the tool and head to your favorite music spot, right-click on the song and pick the extension from your context menu.

The lyrics will then display in a small pop-up window that you can move and resize.

chrome gaana lyrics

10. Lyrics Here by Rob W

For both Chrome and Firefox, Lyrics Here by Rob W is a great option. This extension adds a screen to the site you are visiting for music such as YouTube, SoundCloud, or Pandora. The lyrics immediately display in the pop-up window and come from several resources. You can switch to another source if you like by clicking the link at the top of the screen.

Keep in mind that you can close the extension’s screen, but you will need to click the small Lyrics Here square that appears to reopen it.

firefox lyrics here by rob w

Which Tools Spark Your Creativity?

Whether you write, draw, compose, or paint, your tools are your best friends. Unfortunately, there are times when those all-important instruments are out of reach Are You Creative? 7 Essential Apps You Can't Leave Home Without It doesn't matter whether you're a writer, artist, musician, or photographer - these mobile apps are essential. Read More . For those occasions when you need to capture ideas, words, or sketches and your preferred applications aren’t nearby, remember these convenient browser options.

Do you use a certain creativity extension for Chrome or Firefox that you would like to add to this list? Share your suggestions and recommendations in the comments below!

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