WAYN: Social Networking For The International Adventurers

Jeffry Thurana 09-03-2010

00 backpacker to machu picchu.jpgEver since I read the story of “The Lost City of Inca”, I’ve always wanted to visit Machu Picchu in Peru. I have put the name in the list of places that I will visit someday in the future.


I’m sure that many people share the same passion for world traveling, visiting exquisite corners of the world and feasting the eyes with breathtaking views. But sightseeing is not the only form of adventure you can get from traveling. There are others who prefer exploring the darkness of caves, crawling on the harsh textures of rock faces, challenging the rush rivers, or simply enjoying a cocktail while watching the sunset on a pristine beach.

These adventures will surely enrich one’s life. But everything will taste sweeter if you could share the stories to people with similar enthusiasm. People that you will find in WAYN (I guess it stands for: “Where Are You Now?”).

Share The Action

One glance at the front page of this social network for adventure travelers, and you can already guess what WAYN is all about. A high adrenalin background image and a small blue “f” logo in the corner shows that this is definitely not a site for those who spend their leisure time with Ruby on Rails.

social network for travelers


Now let’s dig in a little bit deeper. The registration step is a little bit different from the usual because you need to provide data of your location.

social network for travelers

If you choose to take the Facebook route, the service will attach itself to your virtual social life. WAYN will fetch information from your Facebook account and send your WAYN content to your wall.

social network for travelers


But of course the exchange won’t happen unless you give the permission first.

03b Allow updates to Facebook.jpg

Start The Adventure

After logging in you will arrive at an “overwhelming” place. Literally. There are so many things here to explore and customize that one might not know where to start.


Let’s take it one step at a time. On the upper left there’s the main menu consisting of links to other main pages such as: Homepage, Calendar, Trips, and Activities.

06a Sidebar menu - WAYN.COM.jpg

But before you explore any further, the first thing you need to do is to write down the answer to “what would you love to do?

06b What would you love to do - WAYN.COM.jpg


Then complete your profile by uploading a photo. To encourage members to upload their picture, there’s an incentive of 1 point given to every member who do so. The points that you earn can be used for further enhancing your social status in WAYN. Then you can add activities that you want to do and places that you want to visit.

06c profile photo n add - WAYN.COM.jpg

Enrich your adventures by adding your friends to your circle. You can do a name search filtered by countries, or you can also do an email search if you know your friend’s email address.

Another way to add friends is by interacting with people around you. In the WAYN context, this means those whose location is geographically near you.

06d Search and interact - WAYN.COM.jpg

Then you can start checking out news from other WAYN members, and try to find people with similar passions.

06e News - WAYN.COM.jpg

But maybe the most interesting thing about WAYN is the ability to plan a trip. Start by clicking the “Add” button from the “Add Locations” box. Then add other information about the trip, including the description, name of the place and the date of the trip.

08 Create Trip.jpg

The you can enrich the trip log by adding photos, videos, notes and sharing it with your friends. A general trip map (powered by Google Maps) is automatically drawn there.

08b Completing Trip Log.jpg

So, do you love adventures? Have you traveled to the other side of the world? Do you know of other social networks for travelers like WAYN?  Please share using the comments below.

Image credit: EduardoZ

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  1. Aibek
    March 22, 2010 at 5:18 am

    Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Dick Smart
    March 9, 2010 at 2:01 pm

    You will receive a lot of spam if you have a WAYN acount. I got many messages from girls who want to meet me! I deleted my WAYN account after only one week...