Wavelength: Invite Friends & Listen to Songs Together Online
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Are you looking for an app that lets you listen to music together with your friends? If yes, then one way would be through web apps that let you stream YouTube videos together. But if you want something with more options, check out a tool called Wavelength.

listen to songs together

Wavelength is a web app that lets you listen to songs together with your friends. You start by creating a room that has a unique URL; you share this URL with friends so they can join the room as well. Next you upload songs from your computer or if you have already signed up, you can add songs from your LastFM account; links to music videos on YouTube can also be added. Your friends can add songs the same way. The left pane shows the audio controls and playlists while the right pane shows YouTube videos and a chatting interface.

listen to the same song

Anybody in the chatroom can pause or skip songs and a similar action will be performed across all users computers. All people in the chatroom can also correct song titles using a renaming feature – something that will be very helpful if you want help in finding out the artist and name of a song.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Listen to the same song together with online friends.
  • You and friends can upload songs to the playlist.
  • Songs from LastFM and videos from YouTube are supported.
  • Provides a chatting interface.
  • Lets you edit song artist and title.
  • Similar tools: ListeningRoom, TubeMyStuff, SoundPedia, Tape.tv, Meuzer, Snuzu and Listen Music.

Check out Wavelength @ www.wavelength.fm

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