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Finding stuff on eBay is pretty easy. However, if you really want to see the good stuff, you may have to go through a ton of items that ultimately clutters your online shopping experience. WatchedItem is an eBay-compatible application that allows you to shop on eBay more efficiently by letting you arrange the item listings by the number of watchers, number of bids or purchases, ending soonest, and price including the shipping. With this relevant information you are assured that you will find the item that best suits your needs.

best items on ebay

To use WatchedItem, just search for an item like you would normally do on eBay. You can filter your search by choosing the item category and the type of listing (auction, fixed price, or both). You can also choose to show only those items that have at least one bid or purchase, and items that are sold by a particular eBay seller. With WatchedItem, you can instantly find which items are worth considering, something that you cannot normally do on the regular eBay site.

best items on ebay

WatchedItem is a fun shopping tool for bargain hunters or for anyone who just wants to sit back and view the most interesting item auctions on eBay.

best items on ebay


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  1. Alex
    December 26, 2018 at 11:15 am

    Wuanto (google it) is a good tool too, to find the most popular items on Ebay. Cheers!