Watch2gether: Watch the Same YouTube Video With Your Online Friends

MOin 21-06-2011

You can easily share YouTube videos with friends, but watching the video separately does not compare to watching the video together and sharing your reactions. Here to help you watch a YouTube video simultaneously with your friends is a web service called Watch2gether.


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Watch2gether is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is pick a nickname for yourself. A virtual room will be generated with a unique URL; this room is where the video will be played. The room’s URL is displayed at the top of the window and you can share this URL with your friends to let them join in. When they visit the URL they will need to enter nicknames for themselves.

The right pane of the room allows you to chat with your friends while the center pane is where the video is played. You play new YouTube videos by providing their URLs.




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