Watch Out StubHub, Razorgator Is Coming For The Second Hand Ticket Crown

Dave LeClair 18-01-2014

The best way to get tickets is to get them the moment they go on sale. Sadly, this just isn’t possible all the time, as some events can sell out in a matter of seconds, and then you’re left with an empty feeling, knowing that you are going to miss out on what could be the event of a lifetime. Or are you?


There is a massive second-hand ticket market — where people end up not being able to attend an event, or those who just bought the tickets with the intent of flipping them for a profit — go to unload their unwanted wares. You’ll pay more in most cases, but you get to see the event you thought you would otherwise miss.

StubHub has long been the leader, but Razorgator is a site making serious waves in the scene. It offers an interface that is just as good as StubHub’s, and sometimes, you might even find that you can get the very same tickets for a lower price. How good is that? Let’s take a look at what it does and see for ourselves.

What Is Razorgator?

Razorgator is a site dedicated to allowing users to sell their unwanted tickets to all kinds of events. The site has tickets for major sporting events, concerts, and even the theater. They even have tickets for sale to Super Bowl XLVIII, but as you might expect, you will be paying an arm and leg for that particular event.


If you are looking to browse a little, the front page shows some featured events that are popular at the moment, as well different organizations for which you can buy tickets. This is convenient if you don’t have a specific event in mind and you just want to take a peek and see what is out there.



Of course, most people will head to this site with something specific in mind, and they have you covered there with a search bar that allows you to find specific events or just all those that are happening in a certain are near you. It’s simple to use, and you can narrow down your search by clicking “more options” on the results page. From here, you can filter your results by location, timeframe, category and more.

Key Features

Razorgator has plenty of features that make it an appealing choice for ticket buyers. Probably the most important is the guarantee they feature right on the front of the site that says, “Razorgator tickets are always authentic and always on time! Every purchase is backed by our 100% Buyer Guarantee.” The company also says that “If for any reason the client does not receive the ticket(s) as identified in the Order Confirmation email, Razorgator will immediately substitute a comparable or better ticket for the same market demand price, or refund the client’s money.” That’s definitely reassuring, as some tickets can be quite expensive, and it would be a lot of money to risk without knowing you are covered.



Another nice feature, and one that has become pretty standard on most ticket websites, is the ability to see a seating chart and choose where you sit. When you mouse over a section, the website will show you the price range for all seats in that section, which should make it easy to ensure you are getting the seats you desire. This takes the guesswork out of buying the tickets, and it’s a welcomed feature.


As I mentioned before, the search included with Razorgator are pretty robust, and they allow you to find exactly the event you are looking for. Once you find the tickets, the buying process is very easy, allowing you to pay with PayPal, or any credit card. Depending on the shipping method chosen by the seller, tickets will be emailed or shipped to you, and thanks to the guarantee mentioned before, you can rest assured that tickets will arrive in time for the event.

Selling Tickets



If you need to sell tickets to an upcoming event, this site makes the process pretty painless. You will need to register for a seller account first. Once completed, you can go through the listing process, which includes entering the exact seat location and choosing a price. You can set a fixed price, or choose dynamic pricing, which automatically decreases the price as the event draws closer. Once the order is complete, you will need to confirm and ship the tickets, as you will not be sent your payment check until the tickets are received.

Price Comparisons

So how does Razorgator stack up with StubHub in terms of pricing? Well let’s run some comparative searches and find out:

Philadelphia Flyers at New York Rangers, March 26, 2014.

  • Razorgator lowest price: $67 for 400 level tickets
  • StubHub lowest price: $74.99 for 400 level tickets

Super Bowl XLVIII.

  • Razorgator lowest price: $2191 for upper end zone tickets
  • StubHub lowest price: $2,595.00 for upper end zone tickets

Black Sabbath Concert, Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, March 31, 2014.

  • Razorgator lowest price: $79 for 200 level tickets
  • StubHub lowest price: $99.88 for 200 level tickets

So with those three searches, Razorgator was cheaper for comparable tickets. However, StubHub’s prices include fees and shipping, and Razorgator’s don’t. This means each of these tickets costs around the same, or even a little more on Razorgator after the fees and shipping is applied. This won’t be the case with all orders, but in this instance, the savings were voided by the fees.

In the end, you should not settle for the first site you check. It’s definitely worth adding Razorgator to your list of ticket searches, as the site is easy to use, and you just might be able to save yourself a few bucks! Even if other sites end up being cheaper for the particular event, checking around is always a smart choice.

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