You Can Now Watch Planet of the Apps on iTunes
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Apple has unleashed Planet of the Apps unto the world. For the uninitiated, Planet of the Apps is Apple’s first foray into original programming. The first episode is now available to watch for free on iTunes, but the remainder of the series will be exclusively available to Apple Music subscribers.

With so much competition out there, streaming services are differentiating themselves from their competitors by producing original content. Netflix is making dozens of brilliant original shows, and Spotify is producing podcasts about music. And now Apple is jumping on the bandwagon.

Shark Tank With Apps

Planet of the Apps is a 10-part series that uses the Shark Tank formula with apps. Essentially, app developers need to convince a panel of judges that their app is the next big thing. Judges include (who also helped create the series), Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jessica Alba.

Developers initially have just 60 seconds to impress the judges in a literal elevator pitch. If any take the bait then the developers get to move onto actually making the app a reality. Eventually they’ll get to pitch to venture capitalists in the hopes of securing funding.

To enjoy Planet of the Apps you’ll need to enjoy Shark Tank, like and the other judges, and actually have an interest in watching how apps are developed and marketed. Which narrows the potential audience quite severely. Oh, and you’ll also need an Apple Music subscription.

This need to enjoy a particular thing before you can enjoy Apple’s offerings could become a trend. Especially as the next show on the agenda is Carpool Karaoke. Which means you’ll not only need to find James Corden funny, but be entertained by him singing in cars with celebrities.

You can watch the first episode of Planet of the Apps on iTunes or the show’s own website.

I Blame

Planet of the Apps isn’t a bad show, per se. But it’s also not good, not original, and not worth an Apple Music subscription. However, this IS Apple’s first try at creating original programming, so we cannot judge the company solely on this content. Anyway, I blame

Are you going to watch the first episode of Planet of the Apps? Does the format interest you? Are you already a fan of Shark Tank? If you have already watched it, is it enough to make you shell out for an Apple Music subscription? Please let us know in the comments below!

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