The Secret To Watch Movies On The Internet With YouTube

Angela Randall 10-05-2010

watch movies on internetHave you been wondering how you can watch full-length movies on YouTube? Do you look forward to seeing more content on YouTube which has been carefully planned, acted and produced? Well, you can. Plus, it’s easy and free.

Luckily the folks at YouTube have tried to make it easy for us to find all the full-length movies available – and then they did their best to hide the fact that they’d done this. So, it’s now time to fix this problem and let you all know where YouTube have hidden the movies.

YouTube Movies

watch movies on internet

Ready for this? It’s unbelievably simple. It’s right here: Yes, they hid it right where we’d least expect it – right under our noses. By the way, this trick also works for TV shows. It seems the YouTube Blog is willing to list all of these awesome curated content areas, but you’ll be hunting around forever if you try to find a mention of them on YouTube.

watch movies on internet

Looking at the full-length movies available, it’s a very documentary and independent film heavy selection. However, there are some great films in the collection. Here’s Animal Farm and Night of the Living Dead for starters. Plus, the animation and foreign film sections are bursting with films. Take a look around!

where can i watch movies absolutely free

YouTube Screening Room

where can i watch movies absolutely free

The YouTube Screening Room is another area you might like to check out – especially if you’re a fan of art-house movies and new animation. Basically, independent filmmakers are encouraged to submit their films in their entirety for some extra promotion through the screening room. YouTube then chooses a handful of these submissions to be featured for a while.

These are high quality films too – often these are films from the Sundance Festival or other high profile movie festivals. These YouTube clips are always the full length of the film, however some are short films. Never mind how short they are – some of these are award-winning films.

Scroll through the archives to watch previously featured films – I heartily recommend Skizhein, Super Size Me, Harvie Krumpet and Bartholemew’s Song. By the way, some of these films have technically been removed from YouTube, but a copy is still available for the YouTube screening room archive. So, the screening room (or these links) are the only way to view them on YouTube.

More Stuff To Watch

If you’re keen to watch more great content on YouTube (or elsewhere online), here’s some other great things to watch:

YouTube Tips

Now that you know where to find the movies, remind yourself how to watch YouTube movies on your iPod. This is a winning combination, for sure.

Also check out these great MakeUseOf tips and tricks for YouTube lovers:

Hopefully this post will keep you entertained for a while. Let us know which full-length movies on YouTube you enjoyed the most.

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