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Simon Slangen 04-06-2012

watch it movieI’ve got this note-taking application on my cellphone. I guess it’s like the “friend zone” of knowledge, a one way road. If you’re a thought, it’s the last place you want to end up. It’s not intentional. You can blame it on those cool websites that help me manage my work, my ideas, my books. But if something isn’t picked up by any of those websites, the notebook vultures get free reign.


Maybe it’s just me. Maybe your notebook skills put mine to shame, and your plain text file wipes the ground with my online catalogues, but I want the pretties. For books 4 Great Ways to Keep Track of Your Expanding Book Collection Read More , that’s Shelfari; for games, PlayFire; for movies, it’s the new kid on the block, Watch It.

Watch It

Watch It helps you manage the movies on your wishlist. End destination? You, enjoying the film. In its most simple form, you can use it to inspect a movie – read about the plot line, watch the trailer, take a look the critics and read the reviews.

watch it movie

If you like the movie, and it’s already available, Watch It sets you on your way to finding a copy. If you want to save it for later, or the movie has yet to become available on your platform, you can queue it. This is where you really start using Watch It.

The Queue

Your queue keeps track of the movies on your list. When you start using Watch List, this is where you add the movies you’ve been thinking about watching, and the movies that are in the pipeline and you’re keeping an eye on. You can choose whether you’d like to use your queue as a social landing page (public), or keep your taste in movies out of the spotlight and use it as a private wishlist.


watch it movie online

Of course, you can search to find the movies already on your proverbial list, but Watch It also helps you discover new finds through their Channels. These are collections of highlighted movies, by the Watch It staff and their partners.

Availability & Alerts

Your queue is the place to go when you next want to view a film and are looking for a name, but Watch It can keep an also eye for you on those upcoming releases in their queue. When you sign up for the service, Watch It lets you specify which news or retail channels catch your fancy.

At the time of writing, these include Trailers & News with MRQE; In Theaters with Fandango; DVD & Blu-ray with Netflix,, and Redbox; Online & On Demand with Netflix, the iTunes Store, Vudu,, Movies on Demand, SnagFilms, YouTube, Sundance Now, and Hulu.


watch it movie

When a movie starts taking its first steps out of the pipeline and into one of the channels you picked, you can tell Watch It to send you notifications in a daily, weekly or monthly digest, or per movie.

How do you keep track of what movies you have to watch? Tune in on the comments section below, and let us know your personal favorites!

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  1. Naomi noales
    June 10, 2012 at 5:14 pm

    That looks like a great idea
    but i really prefer to watch movies online in websites
    its simple and free
    check it out

  2. Sacha Obado
    June 8, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    This seems like a great site.. i will have to go and check it out..