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How to Watch the Apple iPhone Event Live on Twitter

Dave Parrack 11-09-2018

As you’re probably already aware, Apple is holding an iPhone press event (at 10am PDT) on September 12. During the press conference, subtitled “Gather Round”, Apple is expected to announce new iPhones, a new Apple Watch, and potentially a new iPad and AirPods.


You may be planning to watch the event through your web browser. However, you can now watch it on Twitter instead, with Apple teasing that it’s going to be live streaming The Hottest Live-Streaming Social Apps Worth Trying Here are the best live-streaming social apps, all of which will help you build a more engaged audience. Read More the whole thing on the social network for the first time in its history.

Apple Invites Twitter Users to Gather Round

Like no other company in existence Apple likes to make a big song and dance about its product launches. Other companies try, but compared to the number of people who turn up to, and tune into, Apple events they may as well not bother.

In previous years Apple has been unnecessarily strict on the ways ordinary punters can watch Apple events. Until WWDC earlier this year you had to use either Safari or Edge, or watch on your Apple TV. Then Chrome and Firefox users were invited to the party.

Now, Apple is even letting the reprobates who hang out on Twitter all day watch the unveiling of its new iPhone. We know thanks to the promotional tweet above inviting you to tap Like in order to receive updates on the day.


The wording of the tweet strongly suggests the event will be live streamed on Twitter as well. And TechCrunch has since confirmed that this is indeed the case. So, no matter where you are tomorrow you can watch Apple unveil its newest shiny shiny to the world.

For the Legion of Apple Fans Around the World

For those of you with no interest in new iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches this will mean very little. However, for the legion of Apple fans keen to be first in line on launch day Why You Should Never Queue For New Gadgets [Opinion] I personally cannot fathom the mindset of people who queue for the latest gadget on launch day. I've tried, I really have, but I think it's a bizarre choice to queue up for hours or... Read More , being able to watch the Apple iPhone event live on Twitter will be an exciting prospect.

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