Watch Out for This “Amazon” Scam Email for the Holidays
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It’s the holiday season, which means shopping is buzzing more than usual. Millions of folks are using online storefronts to purchase their gifts. While this is quite convenient, it can also lead to some problems.

We know that scam emails are nothing new, but recently a fake email claiming to come from Amazon has cycled around. The message reads as follows:


There was a problem processing your order. You will not be able to access your account or place orders with us until we confirm your here to confirm your account. We ask that you not open new accounts as any order you place may be delayed.

For more details, read our Amazon Prime Terms & Conditions.

Of course, this is garbage. Clicking on the link in this email leads you to a fake “Amazon” login page, where the scammers ask you to kindly enter your credit card information. Once you’ve done so, it redirects you to the real Amazon website, but the damage is already done.

It’s worth reiterating email safety tips so you don’t fall victim to traps like these. Never click through links in emails that ask for personal information. If you receive an email you aren’t sure about, go to in your browser and sign into your account from there. Amazon and other reputable companies will never ask you for your password or other sensitive info via email.

Amazon also asks that if you receive a spoofed email like this, forward it to so they can review it.

Finally, consider adding two-factor authentication to your Amazon account. This requires a code from your phone in addition to your password to log in, and prevents malicious folk from using logging in if they steal your password.

Need some help spotting fake emails in the future? Look over some examples of fraudulent emails to practice.

Have you received this fake email? Let us know if you’ve ever fallen for a convincing scam email, and any tips you have to keep others from doing the same!

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