Want To Know But Afraid to Ask? 5 Sex Education YouTube Channels

Skye Hudson 28-10-2013

While there are some amazing websites on sex education 10 Online Sex Education Resources for Teenagers Read More , not everyone has the time or patience to surf around the Web looking for information on this under-discussed topic. But everyone has time for YouTube, right? There are some hilarious educational channels YouTube Channels That Will Make You Laugh And Learn At The Same Time While the video sharing site might be better known for music videos, the Annoying Orange and, let’s face it, for being the cesspool of Internet comments, there are quite a few entertaining, educational videos that... Read More  on YouTube, and even an entire educational section, but what about sex education?

For teenagers, getting  information about sex and sexuality can be a challenge. Conversations about sex can be awkward, but they’re an integral part to receiving a complete education. If you find yourself wondering about anything related to sex or sexuality, but don’t know who to ask, these YouTube channels can help you out.

Not all schools have great sex education programs, and there are a lot of common myths that teens hear repeated so much they assume it must be fact. These channels cut through the crap and present you with blunt, accurate information on topics like: sexuality, different kinds of sex, body image, contraception, relationships, shaming, consent, anatomy, etc.


Hosted by Dr. Lindsey Doe, this is a relatively new series on YouTube, beginning back in June of this year. What that means for you as a viewer, is that while the channel doesn’t have the largest backlog of videos, it is putting them out consistently so that you can always have something to look forward to.

Lindsey is a clinical sexologist, having gotten her Phd in Human Sexuality. Her knowledge, therefore, is extensive, and she is a genuine expert on all of the topics she discusses. Her intelligence shines through in her videos, and sexplanations is such a valuable YouTube channel. Nowhere else can you find such an accomplished person discussing sex in a fun, entertaining way with such high production values on the video.
Her videos cover an equally wide range of topics from body image to asexuality to urinary tract infections. The videos are very professional, and if you have a question for her, she does entire videos where she answers questions from viewers.

Seriously, just go watch all of Lindsey’s videos. They are amazing and you will learn a lot.

Sex+ With Laci Green

If I had to recommend just one channel for you to watch, it would be this one. Laci Green, in her over 160 videos, covers a wide breadth of topics in a way that is always creative, informative, and well-produced and edited. If you have a question about anything sexuality-related, there is a good chance that she has covered it in one of her videos.

The title, Sex+, is a spin on “Sex Positive,” a worldview/philosophy/mindset in which sex is a positive thing to be celebrated, enjoyed, and talked about — not shamed and ignored. Wikipedia calls it “a social movement which promotes and embraces open sexuality with few limits beyond an emphasis on safe sex and the importance of informed consent.”


Since starting her YouTube channel back in 2008, Laci has expanded into many more ventures. She now hosts another YouTube channel in partnership with Planned Parenthood called A Naked Notion (more on that in a second), hosts DNews in partnership with the Discovery Channel,  and travels the country giving lectures at various Universities. She’s also a certified crisis counselor and has a B.A. in Legal Studies and Education from U.C. Berkley.

This girl is qualified, brilliant, and motivated. Her videos really should be shown in schools as a part of sex ed; they are the perfect mixture of entertaining and educational.

A Naked Notion

Yes, another channel by Laci Green. I promise that we’ll move on to others soon, but this channel really deserves a mention. With the help of Planned Parenthood, Laci put out over 40 videos that are just as educational and captivating as her Sex+ series.


The channel hasn’t uploaded anything new in 2 months, so who knows if we’ll ever see any new videos, but it’s still an incredible archive of information. The videos cover a wide range of topics, everything from birth control to how to deal with complex relationship issues.

Carlin Ross

While called Carlin Ross, this YouTube channel is actually hosted by both Carlin Ross, a lawyer and entrepreneur, and Betty Dodson, a PhD sexologist. Together, they boast over 270 videos that cover everything you can think of laid out in a frank, concise manner. These women are brilliant, and they do a lot to help educate the masses on sexuality — they even have their own website:


My only gripe with their videos is that, well, they’re boring and poorly produced. They’re relatively unedited — it’s just two people sitting in front of a camera with poor audio and video, talking and talking. Many YouTube channels have gotten creative with their editing and production methods, but not Carlin and Betty.

Still, while it may be a tad dry, this channel is a comprehensive resource for sex education.

Planned Parenthood Health

Planned Parenthood’s official channel has to get a mention here, although it isn’t particularly well organized. The videos range in style from interviews with doctors to animated clips. There isn’t a lot of coherency between videos — no consistent host or anything like that — but they still offer good information.


In particular, they have a fair amount of Spanish language sex education lessons. Now, given that you’re reading this in English, I can’t imagine that that’s very useful to you, but it’s an important move by Planned Parenthood because sex education is something that should transcend language barriers.


YouTube is far more than just a medium for funny cat videos — it is a tool for delivering content, and today’s content creators are taking massive strides in this field by providing free, high-quality, entertaining educational videos for the masses. This is an invaluable resource that didn’t exist just a few years ago. Take advantage of it, educate yourself.

What is your favorite sex education YouTube channel? How was your school’s sex education program? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Lisa M
    December 13, 2013 at 9:46 pm

    How come YouTube doesn't block these movies? Planned Parenthood is blocked at many schools under that category. I actually had never heard of them until the Rush Limbaugh political debacle during the 2012 election with the lawyer he called a bad word. I looked them up at home and found that they have a (how shall I term this?) a section on, uh, how to fiddle-dee-dee alone on a Friday night. Not saying they should or shouldn't block it as 18+ but I was surprised they don't. Some kids who go to the local high school can't even do their English homework -- Emily [reclusive New England poet], Charles [guy who wrote Scrooge], and certainly Philip K. [dreams of electric sheep] are blocked because of their names. [Female upper-torso body part, also part of a chicken] cancer organizations are blocked at the high school library too.

  2. Jeremy G
    October 30, 2013 at 12:56 am

    I've come across Laci Green's videos on occasion and have found them well informed, cheerful and easy to watch.
    Whilst not a channel, I have also found to be equally informative in their specific field.

  3. likefunbutnot
    October 28, 2013 at 11:32 pm

    Not sex education per se, but I'm a huge fan of Dan Savage and some of the folks he's featured through his column, blog and podcast. Even if you don't particularly agree with his politics or attitudes about some subject matter, he has over the years assembled a huge corpus of sex positive advice. He does have a Youtube channel that includes both TV and speaking appearances. The content is probably not work-safe but it does range from strictly educational to oddball extremes of human behavior. Rather than link I'll say that his Youtube username is DanSavage.

    Dan is also responsible for the It Gets Better Project, which is frankly one of the most wonderful and uplifting channels on Youtube. Again, not EXACTLY educational, but it's something that non-straight young people really should look to when they need exactly the message it was created to present.

    Amy Lang's Birds and Bees and Kids exists in part to drive users to her own paid content (it's $30 for full access to her complete set of videos), but she does focus on teaching parents how to talk to kids about sex, something that's tough for pretty much everybody.