Want To Buy Some Ads? Should You Go Facebook or Google?
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Two of the biggest places to place ads on the Internet are Google 4 Surprising Ways Google Will Soon Impact Your Life 4 Surprising Ways Google Will Soon Impact Your Life We won't be seeing interstellar spaceships and time travel machines any time soon, but here are a few Google projects that are going to change the way you live within the next few years. Read More and Facebook. As as Internet user, you’ve no doubt seen ads from both of these services.

As someone looking to purchase ads, how are you to decide where to put your budget? Should you go all in on Facebook, or should you put your money behind Google? You’ll need to make this decision based on the needs of your business, but we’ve found a handy infographic that breaks down some key differences between the two. It will push you in the right direction and help you make an educated decision.

Via Wishpond

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  1. Doug Baland
    January 6, 2015 at 2:07 am

    We own a service company and use both. Thank you Mr. LeClair for the information, it will be put to great use. We currently use Adwords for immediate lead generation. Anyone in our area searching for our service will always see us at the top...avg spend is about $300/mo. Facebook ads we use to bring about awareness of our services and to gain page likes from our immediate demographic. With Facebook....its the long game...bring people to our page, let them see what great things everyone in our area is saying about us....put our brand in their heads and it is targeted specifically to our area as well as what people like. Both are useful and play an important part in continuing our growth. If your not growing, your competition is....

  2. Gerva Sharma
    January 5, 2015 at 11:18 am

    Facebook ads are useless and their CPM ads never worth.
    Google CPC is fantastic
    I always use cpc and cpm for giveaway
    For giveaway cpm ctr is 54-76%