WannaAskMe: Anonymously Ask Questions From Facebook Users

Umar 26-06-2012

Facebook is a highly popular social network where new friends meet every day. But the information provided on the network does not help you get to know one another very quickly. One simple way to get better acquainted with others is by asking questions. However there are some questions, such as private ones, that people would prefer to ask anonymously – the answers received might help solve a particular problem the asker is facing. Here to offer you this functionality is an app called WannaAskMe.


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WannaAskMe is a free to use web service that connects with your Facebook account and lets you ask questions from the WannaAskMe network, either publicly or anonymously. There is no restriction to the type of question you can ask – no topics are banned from discussion. When you log into the application, you can check out the latest questions asked and immediately discover how there are not any restrictions according to the topic.

You can pick any question and choose to answer it. Your answer can be shared on Facebook too, if you like. The answers are recorded for your later viewing.

WannaAskMe: Anonymously Ask Questions From Facebook Users Create1


In the application’s stream, you can view all the recently answered questions. You can see what people’s opinions are to certain questions or simply learn more about them by reading what they answered  to questions like “What’s the last good book you read?”

WannaAskMe: Anonymously Ask Questions From Facebook Users Stream1

WannaAskMe lets you create a custom profile for the application. You can enter a bio, page headline, and your location. You can also choose to allow or disallow anonymous questions.

WannaAskMe: Anonymously Ask Questions From Facebook Users Settings

As a further touch of personalization, WannaAskMe lets you pick a color theme for your application profile.

WannaAskMe: Anonymously Ask Questions From Facebook Users Themes

Overall, this neat little Facebook application has immense potential into being one of the most used tools by Facebook users.


  • A user friendly web app.
  • Compatible with Facebook.
  • Lets you ask questions from Facebook users publicly and anonymously.
  • Offers recently answered questions.
  • Offers various color themes.

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