Walk or Bus? Find out whether walking or taking a bus is faster
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Walk or Bus is an online chart by the website VisualMotive which tells you whether you should board a bus or just walk to your destination so that you can reach there faster. Assuming that an average speed of a bus to be 15 miles per hour and that of a human to be 3 miles per hour, it applies the rule of thumb – “if you have N blocks to travel, you should only wait for the bus if it is less than N minutes away” to make the calculations. If you think you walk faster then there’s also a separate symbol showing the man who can walk a mile in 15 minutes.

taking a bus


  • Calculate if you can walk or take a bus to your destination to reach faster.
  • Chart based on speed of bus, your walking speed, distance and minutes left for the bus to arrive.
  • If you walk faster, there’s a separate symbol on the chart for you.

Check out Walk or Bus? @ visualmotive.com/walk-or-bus/

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