Wakey: Stop Android From Turning Off Your Screen

Justin Pot 24-04-2013

Stop your Android’s screen from going to sleep. Wakey is a simple app with one main toggle – a giant light bulb.


stop android screen from turning off

Tap that to activate Wakey. The bulb will glow, but more importantly your screen will now not turn off unless you specifically tell it to.


That’s really all this app does. Like most phones, Android devices are programmed to go to sleep after a certain period of inactivity.

Why keep your screen awake? Maybe you’re reading on a tablet , but the screen keeps going to sleep before you’ve needed to scroll? Maybe you’re using your old tablet or phone as a digital picture frame, and as such need it to stay on?  Maybe you just want to test your battery’s life with the screen on? You might be following an on-screen recipe, only to constantly need to turn your phone back on. Why you’d want such an app is really up to you, but it’s free and worth trying out.


The free version does only what I’ve outlined, but there’s a Premium version (in-app payment, currently $2.49) which allows you to do things like allow the screen to dim, automatically keep the device awake while charging, keeping the device awake while certain programs are open and more.


Check out Wakey @ Google Play (via

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