WakeUpList: Long Term Goal Reminder

Umar 28-11-2010

You wake up each morning looking forward to accomplishing your goals. But your long term goals are at times forgotten because of your hectic daily routine. Wake-up List is a neat goal reminder that helps to remind you of those long term goals.


goal reminder

After creating an account on the site you can use it to create and store a bucket list i.e. a list of things you want to accomplish before you die. If you find yourself wondering about what you want accomplished you can click on the two links available to browse the site’s list randomly or view the most popular goals on the site.

With your list created, the site will remind you of it every 180 days via email. After getting the reminder you can review your list and mark the things that you have already accomplished. Reviewing the list will also remind you of the long term goals that slipped your mind. If you want, you can share your list using the site’s Twitter sharing option.


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