Wakelock Detector: Find Out Which Apps Drain Your Battery Due To Wakelock Feature [Android]

Azim Toktosunov 18-05-2013

On Android, the apps use the feature called “wakelock” to keep your smartphone running even after you turned it off. This feature is used by the apps to complete an operation (e.g. getting updates from the Internet) even if you decide to turn off your phone.  So if you ever wondered why your screen doesn’t turn off automatically when it should or find your phone battery drained even after you exited all the apps and turned off the screen, it is due to the wakelock feature.


However, the wakelock feature is sometimes abused by some apps that stop your phone from turning off for much longer periods than necessary, which drains your battery dramatically. Check out Wakelock Detector. It is an Android app that lets you see which apps use the wakelock feature the most by checking wakelock usage history for each app. Using this information you can easily find out which apps are draining your battery.

which apps drain battery android

To try it out, install the app on your phone, charge your phone above 90% and unplug the cable. Give it a time (1-2 hours) to accumulate wakelock usage statistics. Then run the Wakelock Detector to view the usage statistics sorted by usage of each app. The apps at the top are the ones draining your battery.

Wakelocks are categorized into 2 types – CPU awake (partial wakelock) and Screen awake (full wakelock). CPU awake is when an app is running in the background with the screen turned off. Screen awake is when an app keeps your phone fully turned on including the screen.




Check out Wakelock Detector @ [No Longer Available]

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