Vybe (Custom Vibrations): Set Custom Vibrations For Different Contacts On Your Phone [Android 2.2+]

Azim Toktosunov 16-03-2013

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could identify the person who is calling you just by the vibration type on your phone? Well, now it is possible thanks to Vybe (Custom Vibrations). It is an app for Android that lets you create custom vibration patterns for your contacts. So next time a contact calls, you can identify the person by the vibration pattern without looking at your phone.


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It is useful in situations when you can’t take the call – in the class, driving on the road or in a meeting etc., but still want to know who might be calling you. Simply download and install the app from the Google Play Store. Create a vibration by tapping the Record button. You can then replay it to see how it feels. If you are satisfied with the vibration, click on the bottom right to assign it to a contact or a group of contacts on your phone. Then repeat the process for every contact you want to be able to identify by the vibration pattern. It is that simple.

You can assign a default vibration pattern for all the other contacts that weren’t assigned a custom vibration pattern. The list of all the created vibration patterns are available in a separate window along with their respective diagrams.


Vybe (Custom Vibrations): Set Custom Vibrations For Different Contacts On Your Phone [Android 2.2+] 33


The app is free and requires Android version 2.2 or higher.


Check out Vybe @ [No Longer Available]

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