Voxeet: Easily Hold High Quality Audio Conferences Online [Windows]

If you have ever tried online audio conferencing, then you know what problems it has – unclear audio. The noise and low audio quality make it difficult to understand who is talking. Here to offer you clearer audio and better online audio conferencing is a tool called Voxeet.

audio quality conference calls

Voxeet is a desktop application for Windows computer systems. The setup file is sized at nearly 9.5 MB and installs quickly. The application lets you create an account and then add other Voxeet users as contacts after which you are able to hold audio conferences. What makes the application unique is its use of high definition 3D sound which, in conjunction with video cues, tell you who in the conference is talking at a given moment.

The service will also be introducing its iOS and Android applications soon which will let you transfer conferences from your PC to your smartphone without disconnecting.


Check out Voxeet @ www.voxeet.com 

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