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VJAM: Create Quick Video Mashups & Add Filters [iOS]

Israel Nicolas 30-12-2012

Our smartphone devices have allowed us to work with mobile photos and do a lot of things with them. Think apps like Instagram, Facebook Camera, and Snapseed. While mobile photo apps have blossomed, everyone is gearing up for mobile video as the next frontier to conquer especially with technologies like LTE, better video cameras, and faster processing power.


creating quick video mashups

We have seen how iMovie become the crux of mobile video editing, but a new app called VJAM hopes to join the party. VJAM is an auto-editing tool that fits your clip to your chosen soundtrack and creates instant video mashups.

VJAM starts off by letting you record a video or choose a video clip from your phone. You can then choose among 11 themes to add music and video effects. Each theme is suited to fit the mood, whether romantic, comedic, baby clips, happy, slow-mo, and more. You can also choose to add movie effects similar to Instagram filters. Once done, VJAM synchronizes the video clip with your selected theme and shows you a preview.


VJAM is available free on the App Store, but you can indulge with the PRO version, allowing for unlimited video lengths, more themes to choose from, and brand-free videos.


VJAM is a great app for those looking for quick video mashups without having to deal with endless editing options.


  • Create video mashups within seconds.
  • Choose from among 11 themes to add to your video.
  • Add movie effects just like photo filters.
  • PRO account lets you create brand-free videos
  • In-app purchase for extra themes.

Check out VJAM @ https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vjam/id564758484 [No Longer Available]

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