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10 Visual Tricks to Make Your Instagram Stories Pop

Anya Zhukova 05-10-2018

If you haven’t posted it, it never happened. Today it’s all about documentation. How you spend your day, where you go, and what you see. What’s your hair like today, what you eat and drink. The list goes on.


There’s probably no better way to mark every memorable detail of your life than Instagram Stories. Give your followers a glimpse of what your day has been like with short videos or creative pictures that only remain online for 24 hours.

The following tricks will make your Instagram Stories pop!

1. Turn Your Instagram Stories Into Visual Essays

They’re called “stories” for a reason. One way to make people follow yours is to turn your stories into visual essays. Instead of randomly posting photos and videos, think of how to connect them all into a story. Break your story into parts and then use both text and media to tell it.

2. Write in Rainbow Text

Speaking of storytelling, Instagram Stories offer plenty of options to make the text more eye-catching. Like the rainbow text effect. Use this trick to add some color to your stories, or make unique captions for your posts in your brand colors.


In order to add the rainbow flair, tap on your text and highlight it. Then press and hold on the color palette tool at the bottom of your screen. You’ll see the full color spectrum open up. Now keep one finger on the color spectrum and at the same time put another one on the right side of your highlighted text. Now, as you drag both fingers toward the left side of your screen at the same time, you can choose each letter to be of different color.

You can change the direction and the speed of moving along the color spectrum for different color combinations. It might seem a bit difficult to do at first, but you only need to get it right once. And it’s a good exercise for your fingers. This technique works with every Instagram font too.

3. Add a Drop Shadow Effect

Even though Instagram has quite a few different font options, they all get old rather quickly. If you’re tired of seeing the same text shapes and styles on all of your friends’ Instagram Stories, learn how to add a cool drop shadow effect.


A drop shadow effect is a great way to get more creative with storytelling on Instagram. It’ll add more dimension and depth to your text.

To create a drop shadow look, tap on the Aa icon in the top right of your screen and write your text. Then repeat the whole thing, only now write your caption in a different color. Now all that’s left to do is to arrange one layer of text on top of the other so that it’s a little off-center and it looks like it’s casting a shadow.

4. Create a Solid or See-Through Background

Enough playing with text. It’s time to play with your story’s background.


If you want to create a solid or see-through background for your text or drawings, you can use any of your existing photos for it or take a random photo of anything in front of you. Then just tap on the pen icon in the corner of your screen and select a color from the palette tool. Next, press and hold on the screen for about 3 seconds until it’s filled with the color.

Use the chisel tip brush for the see-through background.

5. Add Creative Boomerangs

Chances are, you’ve already used Boomerang, one of the additional Instagram apps 5 Additional Instagram Apps Everyone Should Be Using It turns out there are other Instagram apps out there, and they're good. Read More . Boomerang allows you to film looping GIFs up to three seconds in length. And you can now shoot Boomerangs straight from your Instagram app.

But don’t discard them just because they’ve been around for a while. Get creative with your Boomerangs and boost the quality of your Instagram feed. Use both forward and reverse video in your Boomerangs to add variety.


6. Turn Your Instagram Selfies Into Stickers

instagram-stories-solid color-001

If you’re using both Instagram and Snapchat, you have probably noticed that both Snapchat and Instagram Stories have this feature in common Snapchat Stories vs. Instagram Stories: What's the Difference? At first glance Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories are very similar, but there are a couple key differences that mean they aren't interchangeable. You'll want to avoid a social media faux pas! Read More —selfie stickers. Stickers are great for giving more detail and context to your pictures and videos. Next time you want to add your own reaction to a photo, you can do so with a selfie sticker.

You’ll find this option in the sticker menu at the top of the screen. Select the camera icon and take a selfie. Once you’re happy with the picture, place it on the screen or tap on it to change the frame.

7. Get Interactive With Your Instagram Stories

If you want to make your Instagram Stories stand out 7 Tips for Making Your Instagram Stories Stand Out When used properly, Instagram Stories are an incredible tool for driving engagement with your followers and building connections. Here are our best Instagram Stories tips to help you stand out. Read More , you should always remember that engaging with your followers is important. Thankfully, Instagram Stories offer a lot of tools for it.

One easy way to get your viewers’ attention is to ask them to share their opinion about the things you’re posting. There are three main ways to do that.

Firstly, you can create a poll: find the Poll sticker in the Instagram sticker menu, type in your question and two options for your followers to choose between. Secondly, you can use a Slider sticker. You can customize it and add different questions to it. The viewers then express their reaction to your message by dragging the slider.

Finally, you can simply ask people to either answer your questions or ask you something by using a Questions sticker. You can then go further and share your results in your Stories as well.

8. Pin Stickers in Your Instagram Stories

Alright, so you’ve learned all of these Instagram tricks you can use 8 Tricks for Instagram Stories You Definitely Didn't Know About Let's have a look at the not-so-obvious features of Instagram Stories you can use to level up your story game. Read More to add context and detail to your Stories. But what if you want to draw your audience’s attention to that one specific moment in a video that you’re sharing? Instead of using layers and layers of different elements, you can just pin them into your videos and boomerangs—then your sticker, text, or emoji will show up at the perfectly timed moment.

All you need to do is add your video and the elements you want inside it (whether it’s text, stickers, or a GIF) to your story, and then tap and hold that element. You’ll see the slider bar at the bottom of the screen that you can use to position your comments and stickers. Next, tap Pin and you’re done.

9. Add a Filmmaking Feel to Your Stories

One more tip that you can use to make your videos look professional The 5 Best Online Tools for Making Professional Videos There are lots of web-based video editors out there, sadly some aren't very good. Don't worry though, here's our list of the five best. Read More  is zooming in and out. Once again, it can help bring your followers’ attention to a specific detail or moment in your story.

Once you’ve swiped right and opened the Instagram Stories camera, hold down the capture button and begin recording the video. Then slide up or down to zoom in or out of the video.

10. Create Instagram Story Highlights


When you put this much work into creating your Instagram Stories, you probably don’t want them to disappear after just 24 hours. Thankfully, you can store your favorite ones by adding them to your Highlights.

If you don’t have any Highlights saved yet, you’ll see them as grey circles underneath your bio. Tap on those and choose Instagram Stories from your archive Instagram Will Now Archive All of Your Stories Stories Archive will automatically save your Stories for the future, and Stories Highlights will let you choose certain elements of Stories to share with the world. Today is a good day. Read More . Then add a title and a cover and you’re all set. Highlights are great for promoting your brand, sharing interesting links with your followers, or just keeping important memories of life events in place.

Wow Them With Your Instagram Stories!

Instagram is adding new features and functions on a daily basis. If you want to stay on top of your Instagram game, you sometimes have to learn fast.

We can’t promise anything about tomorrow, but for today at least the tips listed above should help you take your Instagram Stories to the next level How to Use Instagram Stories Effectively: Basics, Tips, and Tricks Instagram Stories is the photo-sharing giant's take on Snapchat. The purpose is to add a new layer of fun to your images and videos. Here's everything you need to know. Read More .

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