PicClick: Visual Search Engine for eBay and Amazon

abhijeet 28-11-2008

If you are an eBay or Amazon user ( which most likely you are ) then you would certainly love this tool, which provides a new and better way to search through the thousands of eBay and Amazon items.


PicClick is a visual search engine that basically produces image thumbnails of huge number of items along with their price, on a single page, depending upon the category you choose or the product you search for. It’s fast and the size of the thumbnails can be adjusted using a horizontal slider.

visual search engine

better ebay search

The visual representation of products certainly looks more appealing and hence this site could prove to be useful for hardcore users of ebay and Amazon. It also allows you to search for a product within a particular price range.

Also see our coverage of similar visual sites like oSkope, CLHacks and Like.


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  1. hank
    February 22, 2015 at 3:46 pm

    Just a spam affiliate site. Whats new? Wait, you must be the owner...