Visual Hashing: Color Cues To Prevent Misspelled Passwords

Israel Nicolas 27-12-2011

Having to type out your password is a typical roadblock when browsing the web, and it becomes doubly annoying when we end up mistyping our passwords. If you have a long password, then the chances are you will get your passwords wrong a lot. Visual Hashing is a free extension for Firefox/Chrome that provides visual cues to let you know whether you are typing your password correctly or not.


Visual Hashing: Color Cues To Prevent Misspelled Passwords 201

Visual Hashing works by displaying colored boxes as you type on the password field. Different passwords will also have unique color combinations. If you type the password long enough, you should be able to remember the color combination and later notice if the colors are off if you misspelled your password.

Visual Hashing is very useful if you have a long password with different character sets, making sure that you always have the correct password typed-in before you click “log-in”.


  • Extension for Chrome and Firefox.
  • Prevent misspelled password with color cues.
  • Remember color cues before clicking log-in.
  • Needs to be used a lot to be very useful.

Check out Visual Hashing @ for Chrome or for Firefox [No Longer Available]

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