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You Can Now Visit Disney Parks Using Google Street View

Dave Parrack 08-03-2018

Love it or hate it, Disney is a phenomenal brand. And as Disney now owns Star Wars How Disney Ruined Star Wars for Everybody As millions of people flock to see The Last Jedi, it's time to admit it: Star Wars just isn't that good any more. And that's why I'm bailing on Star Wars. Read More that brand is reaching out to geeks in a big way. It is, therefore, rather fitting that you can now take a virtual tour of a number of Disney Parks using Google Street View.


There are some really geeky virtual tours you can take with Street View 10 Curiously Geeky Virtual Tours You Can Take On Google Street View Set your bowlines free and travel. Why not use Google Street View to combine the best of travel and geek-dom. Pack your bags then for these ten geeky virtual trips. Read More , and Google are adding more all the time. Google Street View has even made it into space, allowing us Earth-dwelling proles the chance to walk around the International Space Station Google Street View Maps the International Space Station Google has ventured outside the confines of Earth's atmosphere for the first time, turning Google Street View into Google Space View. Albeit with a little help from some astronauts. Read More .

Visit Disney Parks Without Leaving Home

Google has now outdone itself by launching Street View tours of 11 Disney Parks. You can walk through the parks, getting a feel for the layouts, walk through the castles populated by princesses, and climb aboard some of the attractions and rides.

The 11 Disney Parks given the Google Street View treatment are:

Magic Kingdom
Pandora – The World of Avatar
Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Disney Springs
Disney California Adventure
Hollywood Studios
Typhoon Lagoon
Downtown Disney
Blizzard Beach

Let’s be honest here, taking a virtual tour of a Disney park isn’t quite as good as taking an actual trip to one. And we suspect the vast majority of kids would throw a tantrum when told the Disney vacation you promised them was only happening on Street View.


Useful for Anyone Planning a Vacation

Regardless, these virtual tours can still be useful. If you’re considering visiting a Disney park this could help you choose which one to bless with your presence. Or if you already have a trip planned this could help you find your way around before you even arrive.

And once you’ve had your fill of Disney Parks you could use Google Street View to check out the weirdest things What Is THAT? 9 Of The Weirdest Things You Can See On Google Street View I have to say that I have been on some really cool adventures in Google Street View. I've strolled down cobblestone streets in Italy, cruised along the mountainous shoreline of northern California, and creeped along... Read More , take a trip back through time Travel Back In Time With Google Street View Google Street View has been the best tool to travel around the world in eighty seconds. Now, a simple but fun update on Google Street View allows you to roll back time. Read More , or (if you’re particularly lazy) take a virtual walk using Street View Player Take Virtual Walks in Google Maps Using Street View Player Google's Street View is great for getting a sense for a location, but you can get an even better sense by using Street View Player. Read More . The possibilities are endless.

Image Credit: Frank Phillips/Flickr

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