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Vine Is Dead but You Can Still Watch Old Videos

Nancy Messieh 03-02-2017

The saga of Vine continues. Since Twitter announced Twitter Is Killing Vine, Letting Instagram Win Twitter is killing Vine, with the social media company shuttering the short-form video-sharing service for unknown reasons. Rest in Peace. Read More its plans to shutter Vine, the question over what will happen to all those six-second videos has been a source of confusion. We now know the Vine Archive is here to stay, even after Vine was killed off on January 17.


The archive can be browsed by year, by genre, or playlist. You can also see the best that Vine has to offer with the videos selected by Vine’s editors.

You can also navigate to user profiles and see their entire archive of videos.

Vine Is Dead but You Can Still Watch Old Videos Vine 533x500

Now if you want to continue to record short looping videos, you can that with the new app, Vine Camera.

Any videos filmed using Vine Camera, however, will not be added to the Vine archive. Instead, if you want to keep up with those videos, you’re going to have to follow the creator on Twitter.

If Vine Camera doesn’t cut it for you, and you’re still looking for a Vine-alternative, check out this list of five other social networks for Vine users Twitter Is Killing Off Vine: Here's Where to Go Instead The first thing you're probably going to want to do is save your Vine videos. There are several ways to do this. Read More .

What do you think of Twitter’s decision to kill off Vine? Are you going to use Vine Camera? Let us know in the comments. 

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