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Browse Stunning Photos on Your iPad with Eyewitness App

Bakari Chavanu 23-06-2010

<firstimage=”//static.makeuseof.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/logo.png” />Browse Stunning Photos on Your iPad with Eyewitness App logoI’ve written several times how the iPad is a nearly perfect device for viewing photos. The larger size display just begs for photographs “”professional and non-professioinal.


In this regard, the UK Guardian newspaper and the Canon camera company have teamed up to produce an iPad version of their popular Guardian Eyewitness online collection of photos. This app features a weekly download of a 100 stunning images of events taken from around the world. These are the type of images you may not see unless you’re regular reader of the Guardian or magazines like National Geographic.

The names of the photographers (for example, Muhammed Mueisen, David Levene, Maya Hitij, Steve Bone) will not be familiar to most, but their photos capture what is taking place in the world today. The images are far reaching, from the gulf shore of Alabama, the June 2, 2010 floodwaters of eastern Guatemala, the Royal Gallery of London, to the streets of the anti-government protests in Bangkok, Thailand.

The subjects as well vary widely from sports and art, to poverty and ecological disasters. You really have to be sitting down to view these images, and take more than a two-second view.

Guardian Eyewitness [iTunes Store link] is a completely free app, only requiring a Wi-Fi connection to download a new weekly collection of images.

The App Interface

Browse Stunning Photos on Your iPad with Eyewitness App guardianeyewitness1


The app’s interface was specifically updated for the iPad. It includes a tool bar for viewing the photos as a slide show, a star icon for marking images as your favorite, and a drop-down panel for thumbnails of all the downloaded and marked favorite photos. You can also send links of selected photos via email and your Twitter and Facebook.

You can view photos in both landscape and portrait mode of the iPad. Each photo is accompanied with a caption and a pro tip. You can tap anywhere on the screen to have the captions and logos fade away for full-image viewing.

Each week a collection is replaced by a new collection, but the links and thumbnails to the images you mark as favorite are retained.

Pro Photo Tips

Because the app and images are sponsored by the Canon camera company, the photos of course are taken with Canon cameras. What’s great about this app is that it’s not only a powerful photo digital magazine, it also includes useful photo pro tips for how images were captured or what makes for the graphic appeal.


Many of these tips will be most appreciated and understood by those with background knowledge of photo techniques and the art of photography.

Reading the tips, you learn how composition, small and wide aperture, high ISO, and shooting from various angles can powerfully capture the drama of an event or setting.

Browse Stunning Photos on Your iPad with Eyewitness App IMG 0645

In this June 4th sample photo””of the Breathing Room III, made up of 15 interconnecting photo-luminescent frames at the White Cube Gallery in London””the pro tip reads: “The photographer has used a tripod and a slow shutter speed rather than a flash, to capture the low light conditions.”


Browse Stunning Photos on Your iPad with Eyewitness App IMG 0646

The pro tip of another image””of the Young Communist League in Yan’an, China””reads: “The photographer has used a 35mm lens and an aperture of f/1.4 to achieve the depth of field needed to accentuate the figures in the foreground.”

Sure, entire paragraphs could be written explaining photo techniques and processing for each image, but most tips are just enough to give you ideas for your own photography.

While these same photos can be viewed the Guardian Eyewitness website, it’s even better to view them at your leisure on an iPad.


Tell us what you think of the Guardian Eyewitness iPad app.

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