View A Person’s Twitter Profile On Any Webpage

Mark O'Neill 21-08-2010

<firstimage=”//”>View A Person's Twitter Profile On Any Webpage fh1Twitter fanatics, take note. Now there is a way for you to read someone’s tweets, no matter what webpage you happen to be on. Whether it’s a blog, Google News, even the WordPress platform itself….you name it. While on that webpage, you can get a person’s tweets whenever that person is mentioned. It’s a Firefox extension / Chrome plugin called Tweetbeat Firsthand and it is simply cool.


Upon loading the extension / plugin, you will immediately see little blue Twitter icons appearing next to names. It can be an actual person, the name of a company, the name of an app….if they have a Twitter account, that little blue Twitter icon will pop up.

View A Person's Twitter Profile On Any Webpage tweetbeatfh1

Then it’s just a case of hovering your mouse over the little blue icon and up pops that person’s recent Tweets.

View A Person's Twitter Profile On Any Webpage tweetbeatfh2


You can click directly to the person’s Twitter page as well as click on the links contained in their tweets.   There is also a close function in case you accidently hovered over the blue icon unintentionally (which I have found myself doing quite a lot since I started using it).

There are two slight annoyances about the extension though.

  • If you do a lot of copying and pasting of text on webpages, these Twitter boxes are constantly going to pop up.   Then you have to click them closed again with your mouse.   It might not be such a big deal the first couple of times but when it happens continuously, that’s when you start swearing out loud in various obscure languages.
  • Another issue is that it doesn’t seem to detect everyone.   I follow several humorous Twitter pages such as Eric Cartman and Darth Vader.   But going to their Wikipedia pages, the blue Twitter icon did not appear next to their names.

Putting both those things aside, Tweetbeat Firsthand is still an excellent addition to any webpage if you are a Twitter junkie and you are constantly looking out for new people to follow.  It can also be a very helpful tool if you are perhaps researching a person or company and you want to find out more about them.   Maybe you don’t realise they have a Twitter account?   Well with this extension, their Twitter account will (hopefully) pop up when you read about them on a webpage – and their tweets could end up becoming rather revealing.

With this extension, watch your Twitter network increase rapidly.  You’ll find yourself following a lot more people!


Firefox extension
Chrome extension

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  1. Gaming PC
    September 13, 2010 at 9:18 pm

    Do you know if you can get this in a plugin say for WordPress?