How to View Deleted Comments on Reddit
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If you’re a regular Reddit user, you’ve probably found yourself in the so-called comment graveyard. All you see is “Deleted” in the username slot and “Removed” in the comment’s field.

More often than not, the responses to these comments are also deleted, either by the posted or the moderators. It leaves you wondering just went happened here.

Wonder no more, because there’s actually an incredibly easy way to see all these comments. Now, you can find out the story that took place while you were (hopefully) out experiencing the real world.

Wait, I need to leave you in suspense for just a second or two longer with a warning: more often than not, walking into a thread filled with deleted comments is not a pleasant place to be. Comments are often racist, homophobic, and generally just terrible. There’s a reason they were deleted. Proceed at your own risk.


Okay, so not that we got the warning out of the way, here’s the incredibly involved and tedious process: change the “r” in to a “c” — so the resulting URL will look something like[whateversubreddit]/comments/[theurlofthethread]

So, really, when you find yourself in a deleted reddit thread, just click your address bar, highlight the “r,” change it to a “c,” and hit enter. It’ll reload on, and most, if not all, of the deleted comments will be there, and they’ll be highlighted in red, making it easier for you skim.

Have you ever dug into a massive comment graveyard? Did you need to hit r/aww to make yourself feel better? Share your stories in the comments!

Image Credit: Gil C via ShutterStock

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