Vienna: A RSS Feed Reader With Integrated Sharing [Mac]

Are you disappointed about the impending closure of Google Reader?  Then try out an offline RSS reader. Vienna is a desktop app for the Mac you can use to read all of your favorite RSS feeds on. With a familiar interface and the ability to import and export subscriptions, Vienna is well worth a look if you’re checking out Mac RSS readers.

Your feeds are on the left, a list of articles are on the right above the content itself. You can customize the interface, so explore if you don’t like this layout.

rss feed reader mac

Vienna even integrates with Twitter, Buffer, Evernote, Instapaper, Facebook, Pocket, Delicious and Safari’s reading list, thanks to a built-in browser. Use the toolbar icons, or simply hit “Article” to see all of your options:


The web-based versions of these sites will show up in a background tab, allowing you to share directly to these services – no API usage here. Some might see it as clumsy, but it means the app can easily integrate services without adding bloat later.

Vienna currently supports syncing with Google Reader, but can also operate entirely without it – meaning it could be a perfect transition for Google Reader fans who are also Mac users. Just set up syncing in Vienna, then turn it off in July when Google’s service stops working – you won’t miss a thing.


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