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Dave LeClair 06-12-2011

kids video gamesVideo games make an excellent hobby. Sure, they are a little expensive, but if you compare the amount of time spent with a video game to the amount of time spent watching a movie at the theater, it is actually incredible value. What if you want to get your kids into gaming but don’t want to send them off playing on their own? Fear not, because so many video games are enjoyable for kids and parents to play together.


The hardest part about finding a game to play with your kids is that most kid’s video games are not even remotely fun for adults. Most of them are either too simple, too cheesy and, in many cases, just downright bad. On the other side are the games such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty, which are games filled with violence that most parents do not want their kids to see. The key is finding one that is safe and friendly for kids, and fun for adults.

New Super Mario Brothers Wii

This game is one of the best games for a parent to play with their child. What makes Mario such a smart choice is that most parents will enjoy it, with or without their children. Every gamer has an affinity for Mario, and being able to share that with the next generation is something special. It is a way to pass down one of the classics.

kids video games

Mechanically, this game is perfect for adults and children to play together. Nintendo implemented a system where death in the game causes the character to float in a bubble. This way, if the child is struggling to make a jump or complete a section, they can float along in their little bubble while the adult keeps moving forward. This gets the kids involved in the game without them holding the parent back.

free kids video games


Mario has never been a violent game, and that continues here. Of course, you are jumping on enemies heads, but this is always done in a cute and funny way. It never feels or looks like you are actually killing the bad people.

Rock Band

Rock Band might seem like an odd choice when you see people out there who are super hard-core about getting perfect scores on every song. However, Rock Band has a no fail mode, which is perfect for young kids. Parents can play the songs and try to put up the best score possible and kids can wail away and do whatever they want, all while still feeling like a rock star.

free kids video games

As the kids get a little older, they will start to settle in and actually try to play the songs. Rock Band is incredible for dexterity and it is an active video game experience. On top of being fun for adults and kids, it may also lead kids to a love of music, and perhaps, make them want to play a real instrument.


Wii Sports

Wii Sports is the game that launched the Wii into the sales giant it is today, and much of this is because it’s a game the whole family can play. Kids and adults can enjoy the game, and they can enjoy it together. Not only can kids have fun playing Wii Sports with their parents, in some cases, they can even beat their parents.

free kids video games

The controls are easy to understand in Wii Sports. To throw a bowling ball, you make a bowling motion with the Wiimote, to hit a baseball, you swing the remote like a bat and so on. It is intuitive, and it makes sense for both kids and adults.

Dance Central

Everyone understands dancing at the most basic level. It seems like as soon as kids start to walk, they start to dance. Just moving around is well and good, but using that for a purpose is where a game like Dance Central comes in. This game may not be as easy for little kids as something like Wii Sports, but it is not exactly the most challenging game ever.


kids video games

There is a no fail mode in Dance Central, so if your child just wants to move along to the beat, they can go to town. You, as the adult, can still try to do the movements accurately while your kids go nuts and have a blast doing whatever they please. Like Rock Band, it is a fantastic game to get your kids into music. It will also slowly ease them into games that are a little more challenging.


There are many amazing kid’s video games, and these are just some of the games where kids and adults can have fun together. Over time, you can use these games to transition them into more “hard-core” games. Obviously, you need to wait until you feel they are old enough to handle some of the other things that come along with those games like violence and sexual themes. In the end, games can be a tremendous way for parents and kids to bond over something fun.

What games do you play with your kids? Let us know in the comments.


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    Portal 2 . . . Multiplayer with my son.  Awesome.