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Viaroom Home Controls All Your Smart Hubs Using Self-Learning AI

Joel Lee 09-01-2019

SmartThings, VeraPlus, Wink—with so many smart hubs on the market, running a smart home can be a bit of a mess if you want to use products and features across various brands. Who wants to manage five different smart hubs under the same roof?


In steps the Viaroom Home, a small device that acts as a superbrain for smart home hubs. With effortless pairing through your internet router, the Viaroom Home detects all the smart hubs on your network and is able to control all of them with ease. The only unsupported smart hub as of this writing is Samsung, but discussions are already under way to make it happen.

While the Viaroom Home first debuted at CES 2018, an updated version was teased this year at CES 2019.

The main draw of the Viaroom Home is its self-learning AI. Able to connect up to 300 different objects and process up to 1 million interactions per day, it tracks and analyzes everything that happens in your smart home. After gathering data over the first 48 hours, it’s then able to automate various aspects of your smart home based on your behavior patterns.

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The Viaroom Home automatically creates “Scenes” for various times of day (e.g. Morning, Evening, Late Night) where each Scene contains its own understanding of your smart home patterns. Using the accompanying app, you can adjust the Scene patterns as necessary—or leave it as is, which is the whole point of the device.


These Scenes are stored in the device itself, so even when there’s an internet outage, your smart home will continue to operate accordingly.

In our eyes, the Viaroom Home steps in to solve one of the most annoying aspects of the modern smart home landscape, which is that there are so many competing hubs and technologies that aren’t quite standardized. By integrating all the different smart hubs as one, possibilities open up as to which devices you can use in tandem with others.

In the future, the Viaroom Smart AI will be opened up to partners with an open API, allowing manufacturers and developers to take advantage of this superbrain device, but it’s still unclear in what ways the API will be useful.

The newer version of the Viaroom Home is set to launch in Summer 2019 and will be released simultaneously in the United States and in Europe. While we weren’t able to confirm what the price would be, the current version of the device is available for $129, so expect it to be in that ballpark.

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