VHX: A Beautiful & Fun Way to Discover New Videos

Dave LeClair 29-12-2011

Videos on the Internet are big business. People spend hours on end watching videos online, and the platform they watch it on has the potential to profit greatly from that time. VHX is hoping to become your new destination for watching videos. Their website is incredibly visually pleasing, and they boast a feature set to match.


discover new videos

To use the site fully, you need to have an account. You can create a new one, or log in with your Facebook or Twitter account. The website will then play videos based on the interests of the people you follow. At this time, they allow users to share videos from Vimeo and YouTube, and they plan to add more services in the future.

The interface is beautiful. The videos play in high quality and the design of the site is extremely pleasurable to look at. It’s a cool new way to watch videos, and to find interesting people who share the same taste as you.



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  1. D.G.
    October 4, 2016 at 8:18 pm friend you forgot the real #1 live streaming radio talk show host.. Dr. Michael Savage..
    reading your list.. well no one can deny that you do have a sense of humor.. although Coast 2 Coast..a really great show..if you have the ability to be open minded..
    have a great day..