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VEGAS Movie Studio for Windows Combines Powerful Video Editing With Ease of Use

Kris Wouk 24-02-2020

Editing video was once the task of people working on Hollywood movies or big advertising campaigns. These days, though, editing video is common enough that you’ll find basic editing software included on many new computers.

Of course, not all editors are created equal. If you’re looking for powerful video editing software for Windows 10, VEGAS Movie Studio is an impressive package. Not only does it compare to several other premium options, but you get 30 days to try before you buy.

Video Editing Software for Windows With a Safety Net

If you are new to the video-related field, VEGAS Movie Studio might be the best video editing software available for Windows to start out with. It is not only beginner-friendly, but also comes with time-saving features.

To start, VEGAS Movie Studio saves automatically. This means you don’t need to worry about losing all your work if the power goes out. And that’s just the beginning of how VEGAS Movie Studio makes video editing easier for both beginners and pros alike.

Starting a project in VEGAS Movie Studio

In other software, editing clips in the storyboard won’t automatically update them in the timeline. With VEGAS Movie Studio, these clips update in both the storyboard and in the timeline, making it much easier to experiment. If you don’t like the change, you can easily undo it.

Which Version Is Right for You?

If you’re not already familiar with VEGAS Movie Studio, you may not be sure which software version is right for you. The simple answer is to start with the basic VEGAS Movie Studio option, then upgrade as you need to. That said, the differences between the various versions mainly come down to extras.

VEGAS Movie Studio costs $49.99 and includes everything you need to edit a video from start to finish, complete with a guided video creator. If you find yourself needing a little extra polish, you might want to upgrade to VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum, which you can get for just a bit more. This adds features like fast and easy video stabilization and motion tracking.

VEGAS Movie Studio pricing options

For creators looking for an all-in-one editing solution, the VEGAS Movie Studio Suite includes everything you’ll find in Platinum, plus a solid collection of extras. Both of these include the VEGAS DVD Architect, which isn’t available in the standard version.

If you frequently burn DVDs for clients or even just for home use, this single addition will make your life much easier. Don’t let the name fool you either: you can use DVD Architect to create both DVD and Blu-ray Discs.

What Do You Get in the VEGAS Movie Studio Suite?

Much of the benefit of the VEGAS Movie Studio Suite comes in the form of the NewBlue plugins. One of these, NewBlue Transitions Ultimate, is available in Movie Studio Platinum. This plugin lets you go beyond simple fades and crossfades with transitions like Pencil Rubbing, Plasma Glow, and Shiny Fog. For all of the other plugins, you’ll need the VEGAS Movie Studio Suite.

The Suite includes the NewBlue Cinema Collection Template for eye-popping text effects, along with NewBlue Essentials 5 V3 which has all sorts of useful tools. NewBlue Titler Pro Express, meanwhile, lets you create professional-looking titles.

Other bundled plugins include NewBlue Cartoonr Plus, NewBlue Chroma Key Pro, and NewBlue Fluid Template Pack.

Creating a credit sequence in VEGAS

No matter which version you pick, VEGAS Movie Studio will save you money compared to most other video editing software. Don’t let that lead you into thinking this isn’t powerful software. Even the base version can handle most video editing tasks. You simply get more power with the Suite.

We think everyone interested in testing the waters of video editing will appreciate this software.

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