vCita: Provide Your Site Visitors With a Convenient Way to Contact You Over Phone Or Video

While online text chatting has greatly bridged the gap present between people who are not physically together, it still lacks the communication advantages that are offered by an audio or video call. This is why many online professionals who are running a web service feel the need to offer their website visitors a way to contact them personally for a consultation. If you are running such a website, then you probably have something similar set up.

The easiest way perhaps would be to provide your phone number along with your Skype ID on your website; you can then schedule appointments via email. However this can easily get very complicated when you are trying to figure our free slots or trying to modify your meeting rates. Here to help is a user-friendly web service called vCita.

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vCita is a web service that offers you features to incorporate meeting options into your websites. In other words, you provide your website visitors with an efficient way to book an appointment with you. The site lets you add options of a phone call, a video conference, or a face to face meeting. You can set up the duration, type, and rate of each meeting through the site’s preferences.

To make sure that people only request booking for your free time slots you can synchronize one of your online calendars with the website. Once your preferences have been set up, you can begin customizing your contact form and have it easily embedded on your website.


vCita offers a free version that provides you with the basic contact form integration option. For the calendar sync features and other features such as collecting payments, email campaigns, and more, you can check out the site’s premium account that is $9.75 per month if you go for its annual subscription.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you setup an online appointments booking form on your website.
  • Lets you offer various meeting types and rates.
  • Synchronizes with your online calendars to show your free days and times.

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  1. Rigoberto Garcia
    January 13, 2013 at 8:51 pm

    Excellent way to provide contact visitors of our site or blog. Proof timely. Thanks