Variable Grid System: Regular & 960 Fluid Grid Generator

MOin 01-08-2010

Grids are a very helpful tool in web designing. If you are looking for an easy way to create useful CSS grids, then pay a visit to “Variable Grid System”. It is a free to use fluid grid generator that lets you quickly generate an underlying CSS grid for your site. On the site’s homepage you get numerous tools to achieve your desired grid. Along with other options you are provided with the content width and full width in pixels.


fluid grid generator

You can check the checkbox saying “Check to edit the width” and modify the full width. After entering the full width, your desired column width, number of columns, and gutter width, you can preview the grid using the “Preview” button.

If you wish to create a 960 Fluid grid, you can choose to click on the “Preview” button under the heading of “960 Fluid”. Whether you choose the regular grid or 960 Fluid, you can easily get the CSS code of your grid by clicking on the links saying “Download CSS File”.

fluid grid generator



Check out “Variable Grid System” @ [No Longer Available]

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