Hilarious Valentine’s Day Pranks to Start Planning Right Now

Sandy Writtenhouse 07-02-2018

Ah yes, Valentine’s Day. It’s a holiday full of love Get Ready For Valentine's Day: Learn to Say 'I Love You' Around The World After taking a look at this inforgraphic, you'll be able to travel all over the world and tell anyone that you love them. Read More , romance, flowers, candy, and of course, pranks. That’s right, pranks! Those harmless little jokes you play on others just for fun.


If your sweetheart has a good sense of humor, why not make this Valentine’s Day one to remember with a prank they’ll never forget The Best Phone and Text Pranks: 7 iPhone Pranks to Mess With Someone Looking to have some fun with friends who own an iPhone? Check out these iPhone pranks to mess with your pals. Read More ? Need some ideas?

We’ve corralled the best videos to show you how to pull off that hilarious prank this year. Now, remember, we can’t be held responsible if and when they decide to get you back. Just tell them it was Cupid’s idea.

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Pranks

Are you ready to give your honey a finger in a jewelry box, a greeting card full of glitter, or a box of half-eaten candy? And, along with those humorous pranks are seven more for a complete package from Rich Ferguson in this video.

For both messy and funny options, this is the perfect pack of pranks for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Pranks with Roman Atwood

From worm brownies to bug candy to a spider in a box, these guys show you exactly how to prank anyone. From your significant other to your loving mother, you’re sure to find an idea you like.


So, gather your supplies, pop on the video, and prepare to prank someone you love.

6 Valentine’s Day Pranks for Couples

This next video is for boyfriends and girlfriends to play on each other. From a bogus pregnancy test to frozen worms in candy to a fake bottle of champagne, these options are even more sinister than the ones above.

If you and your Valentine like to mess with each other’s minds, but all in good fun, these are the pranks you want this year.

5 Valentine’s Day Pranks with Candy

This set of Valentine’s Day pranks use candy and are actually pretty innocent. Hiding the candy in the container’s cap, switching out their favorite treat for a different one, and filling a gum container with ketchup are all good for a laugh.


The video is a bit long, but the host covers each prank in depth so you know just what to do.

5 Mean Valentine’s Day Pranks

Maybe something a little bit evil is what you want this Valentine’s Day. Also, from Rich Ferguson, this video gives you terrific ideas for mean pranks.

Chocolates full of mustard, a spider in the jewelry box, and a rose that smells like vomit are all just a click away. As a bonus, this video has a prank you can play on your guy friends 3 Email Pranks for Messing With Your Friends Want to mess with your friends by email? Here are three fast and fun ideas for playing a prank on someone using email. Read More .

4 Super Mean Valentine’s Day Pranks

A smoky candle, powdery hair clip, soda-filled hairbrush, and stuffed bear full of shaving gel. Sounds like the makings for a great Valentine’s Day for your best girl. One thing is for sure, she’ll never forget getting ready for your big night out.


You may want to put on your running shoes after setting up these pranks for your lady.

5 Evil Valentine’s Day Pranks

For variations on some of the other pranks you’ll see on the list, take a look at this video. Are you interested in creating candy filled with chili powder, a jewelry box packed with powder, or a greeting card full of flour?

For both guys and gals, these silly and sinister pranks are just the ticket to a great laugh on Valentine’s Day.

Stuffed Bunny Booby Trap

There’s nothing quite like a super loud noise for a startling surprise. This soft bunny may look innocent to your loved one, but once they give it a nice pat on the head, they’ll hear a sound they didn’t expect.


Just make sure you’re in a space that can handle the sound waves generated by this air horn trick.

Disgusting Teddy Bear Prank

Okay, horror fans here’s a prank for you. That cute, cuddly teddy bear may be filled with stuffing when you buy it. But, when you’re finished with it, it will be full of chunky, slimy, gross guts.

As you can see in the video, when your sweetheart pulls the bear out of the gift bag, she will be in for quite a surprise.

Hot Sauce Valentine’s Day Prank

Who doesn’t love chocolates filled with hot sauce? Wow, if you want to start your Valentine’s Day with something fiery for your sweetie, this is the prank for you.

The first few minutes of the video show you how to create those spicy candies. But, if you stick around, you can see the guy’s girlfriend react when she takes a bite. Good thing he has a backup box of candy!

Valentine’s Day Kissing Prank

This next prank isn’t for the one you love, but for the one you meet. Can you get a stranger to kiss you by dressing up like cupid, heading to the mall, and finding out details about them?

This is the perfect prank for making some stranger’s Valentine’s Day a little brighter.

Bonus! Weird Gift Ideas

If a simple prank isn’t enough or none of these suit you, how about a Valentine’s Day gift instead? And, what fun would some ordinary gift that everyone thinks of be? Instead, check out these weird gift options for the love of your life. Any of them are sure to bring a good laugh to the holiday.


Valentine Day's Gift

While you’re here, you can also check out this list of websites that offer unique gifts all year round.

Share Your Valentine’s Day Pranks

Have you tried one of the pranks you’ve seen here for Valentine’s Day already? If you did, how did your loved one take it? Or, maybe you have a unique one of your own that you’d like to share?

And, before you go, be sure you are ready for another holiday this year by bookmarking this list of Halloween prank videos These Hidden Halloween Screamer Videos Are the Perfect Pranks Halloween is fast approaching, and it only means one thing -- it's time to play some Halloween pranks on your friends. These Halloween videos will make your friends jump in fright. Read More .

If you have a good prank that you would like to share with us, please leave a comment below! Remember, pranks should be harmless fun and not cause pain, injury, or danger to another.

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