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Vaja ivolution Top iPhone 4 Case Review and Giveaway

Jackson Chung 16-11-2010

<firstimage=”//” />Vaja ivolution Top iPhone 4 Case Review and Giveaway vajagiveawayAmong all of the iPhone cases that I’ve reviewed recently, I have to admit that the most luxurious one, the one that exhilarated me the most when discovering the case was from Vaja.


And it didn’t come as a surprise. Vaja’s cases are in a price league of its own. But does the case offer as much as they charge for it?

This $80 case is simply known as the iVolution Top Black Series for iPhone 4 (in black and lime green). It’s an inverted flip-style case that isn’t really that common among current day iPhone users but Vaja managed to pull it off decently.

First impressions are important and Vaja knows this. The case comes in a rainbow-ish box that’s really stunning. Unwrapping it was part of the fun.

Vaja ivolution Top iPhone 4 Case Review and Giveaway vaja1

The box also serves as some protection during shipping and transit. Since you’ve paid $80 for the case, it should arrive in mint condition, am I right?


Vaja ivolution Top iPhone 4 Case Review and Giveaway vaja5

Although I’m not a “lime green” kind of guy, the colour wasn’t that bad, to be honest. This Black Series case follows the Vaja tradition of offering a selection of customisable colour schemes — black on the outside and choose from 30 colours for the interior. They are then stuck together using an adhesive. Customising takes a droning 35 days.

Vaja ivolution Top iPhone 4 Case Review and Giveaway vaja6

The leather used for the exterior is a grainy cowhide that’s wonderfully textured but I found it to be slightly thin. I was able to feel the construction of the frame beneath the leather. It also grips the iPhone very tightly as it slides down from the top to fit into the case. As you can clearly see, access to the volume controls and mute switch are completely unobstructed. The front cover flips downwards, revealing the dock connector. This may be a bit annoying because the case has to be left opened when charging the phone. It also won’t fit into a dock with the case on.


Vaja ivolution Top iPhone 4 Case Review and Giveaway vaja7

A small flap holds the front cover in place when closed, even allowing access to the headphone jack and sleep button. The upper right back panel has a section cut out for the iPhone’s camera, leaving it exposed. This may be a deal-breaker for some.

Vaja ivolution Top iPhone 4 Case Review and Giveaway vaja8

All in all, the Vaja iVolution Top Black Series iPhone 4 case is luxurious and offers better (more complete) protection than other cases on the market; and manages to be stylish while doing so. However, it may prove to be cumbersome when charging and docking.


The good: all-round protection, stylish, prevents iPhone’s screen from collecting dust.

The bad: iPhone’s camera left exposed, cannot be docked with the case on, front cover must be left open when charging.

Buy it from Vaja’s online store for $80 and if you’re not too picky, several colours are currently in stock for immediate shipping.

Oh and we’ve got one to give away. You guessed it, a black and lime green one. Interested?


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