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Use Vine to Shoot and View Looping Videos on Your iPhone

Bakari Chavanu 20-11-2013

Vine is a popular free app from Twitter that allows you to shoot and share seven-second looping videos online. The service, which is also available for Android and Window Phone, helped kick-start the short looping video craze which was later picked up by Instagram.


Getting Started

After you install Vine on your iPhone you can register using either your Twitter username or your email address. The Vine homepage consists of videos shared publicly by other users and as you stroll down the homepage, looping videos will automatically start playing. You can share, like, and leave comments on posted videos.

Vine 1

Tapping on the Home button on the top-left enables you to explore popular videos, various Vine channels (including comedy, scary, cats, family, food, music, sports), trends and search videos by hashtag or username.

Vine 3

When you follow other Vine users, you see their activity on the Activity page.


Vine follow

When you browse Vine posts, you will see some very creative videos incorporating various in-app shooting and post-production tricks.

Shooting Video

Shooting Vine videos can be a little tricky for first time users. Start a new video by tapping the camera icon on the top-right. When it’s time to record something, tap and hold your finger on the iPhone screen. There’s no dedicated recording button like you find on the iPhone video camera Apple Changed The Camera App In iOS7: Here’s What You Need To Know Every element of the new iOS interface has been updated. In addition to the home screen and menus, this includes core apps like the Camera which form a large part of the iOS experience. Read More . Vine’s camera will automatically focus on the subject you’re recording, so wait a second or two for that to happen before you start recording.



A green progress bar will appear to indicate how much video you have recorded. When you lift your finger, the video recording pauses. To use the front facing video camera, tap on the circle icon on the bottom-right.

Vine menu items

Other menu items include a composition grid, a location stamp, and the save button on the far right side. After you record a couple of seconds worth of video, an arrow button will appear on the top-right so you can preview the recordings.


Editing Videos

In preview mode you can tap the Edit button and select to move individual clips around or delete them. However, you can’t edit the length of videos or add filters or titles to them. You also can’t import video clips from your iPhone camera.

Edit clips

Posting Videos

Ready to post a video? Tap the preview arrow, and then tap on the green button below the video. On the Share screen you can choose to add a caption, location, channel as well as share via Vine, Twitter, and Facebook. Every Vine you make will also be saved to your Camera Roll.

IMG 6212


Vine videos are public by default which means that when you post a video, it can be seen by anyone using the service. You have only two options for how you want to share videos, either public posts, which are made visible to all Vine users and are shareable on Twitter and Facebook, or you can choose to share to your Vine followers only.

Vine sharing

To select the option for how you want to share your videos, tap on the Home icon then Profile > Settings. On the Settings screen, tap on Your content and then enable the protected and sensitive posts options. The settings you choose here apply as defaults for all new posted videos in future.

Looping Fun

There are several other ways you can shoot and share videos using your iPhone 5+ Simple Ways to Upload & Share Videos From Your iPhone Your iPhone can capture 4K, slow-motion, or good old 1080p — but what use is glorious video if nobody can see it? Read More , but Vine is one of the easiest, hassle-free solutions for shooting short videos and sharing them with your friends and followers.

Download: Vine for iOS [No Longer Available]

Let us know what you think of Vine video and how you use it. If you have any questions about the app, feel free to post them in the comments section below.

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