Use This Trick to Clean Up Menu Bar Icons on Mac
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Take a look at your menu bar right now — the top bar running across your screen, assuming you’re on a Macbook or iMac. Look to the right side and count how many icons are cluttering up that menu bar. Don’t count the volume or Wi-Fi icons.

How many icons do you have?

Personally I only have five, and sometimes that feels like too many. For the curious, those five icons are: Karabiner (to switch keyboard layouts), F.lux (for the health of my eyes), Dropbox (I could do without this icon), Private Internet Access (my VPN of choice), and Fanny (to keep an eye on CPU temp).

There was a time when I had 10+ icons up there and it makes me shutter to think that I was once so disorganized. If you’re sick of clutter in your menu bar, here’s a quick trick that you can use. It won’t even take one minute, I promise.

Hold the Command Key and drag the icon.

You can use this to rearrange icons OR you can use it to remove icons altogether (by dragging them off the menu bar). This tends to only work for system icons — third-party apps usually provide a setting that you can toggle to hide from the menu bar.

For those pesky apps that simply won’t let you get rid of their icons, you can always use Bartender 2. It comes with a four-week free trial and only costs $15. This app can hide and rearrange ANY icons on your menu bar — it’s well worth it.

How messy is your menu bar? Are you a neat freak about it or do you prefer it to be cluttered? Is Bartender 2 worth it? Know of any similar apps? Let us know in the comments below!

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