Use the “Nap Wheel” to Take Naps at the Best Time
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Most of us aren’t getting enough sleep at night, and even when we do, we often suffer from poor quality of sleep, which is almost as bad as not getting any sleep.

This leads to troubles like afternoon slumps and sleepiness at work and/or an overall dip in productivity throughout the day.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to change how you use your computer in order to immediately improve your quality of sleep. If you’re still tired though, you should find a way to sneak a nap into your day.


Dr. Sara Mednick, a psychologist at University of California Riverside, devised a quick-and-easy online tool called The Nap Wheel that lets you select the time at which you woke up and then tells you the optimal time for taking a nap.

Look for where the “REM sleep” and “slow-wave sleep” circles intersect, as shown in the image above. That’s when you can get the best naps possible. The science behind all of this is explained in her book Take a Nap! Change Your Life.

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Give it a try and let us know whether the naps end up boosting your productivity (and creativity!) or not. We’d love to hear about your experiences!

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