How to Use Switch Joy-Con Controllers on Windows, Mac, and Android
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Nintendo’s new Switch console is a portable and home console hybrid, and it has a unique split controller called the Joy-Con. The system comes with two of these mini-controllers, which can be docked in a grip for traditional play or split between two players for multiplayer.

However, they also work as Bluetooth controllers on your computer or Android device. We’ve shown how to use a controller on your Android device for a better experience, and while the Joy-Con controller isn’t perfect due to its few buttons, it certainly gets the job done for emulation and small games.

Here’s how to use them on Windows, Mac, and Android. This is it for now, but it’s possible that more systems will be supported in the future.

Since the Joy-Con controllers use Bluetooth, remove the Joy-Con from the Switch, make sure it’s off, and press the small button between the ZR and ZL buttons on top of the controller for a moment. This will activate Bluetooth paring mode, so you simply need to open up the Bluetooth settings on your device to add it.

The system will find the Joy-Con — if you have both in range, they’re treated as two separate controllers. This lets you play multiplayer games with the two Joy-Con but won’t let you combine them for single-player.

On Windows, the Switch controller isn’t detected natively like Xbox One controllers are. Thus, you’ll need to use key-mapping software like JoyToKey to set what each button on the controller does in games.

As Xbox One and PS4 controllers already support this, this isn’t a standout feature. However, if you don’t own either of those systems and want to try a controller for some Android games, this is a nice benefit of owning a Switch.

Will you try the Joy-Con controllers for some Android or PC games? Let us know if you appreciate this feature in the comments!

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