How to Use Spotify to See Band & Artist Tour Schedules
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Spotify is already one of the best and most popular places to play music, but the service is aiming for more. It seems to want to be the only place you need to go for all things music.

With that in mind, Spotify has added a new feature that lets users see the entire tour schedule for an artist right from within in the music player. It’s a small feature, but it’s much more useful than it used to be, as before it would just recommend concerts that were around you.


To use the new feature, just go to an artist’s page and you’ll see a new button under the artist picture labeled Concerts. Click that, and you’ll see all of their upcoming dates, with the ones near you listed at the top of the page, and other dates below that.

This feature is only on the desktop version of Spotify, but on the mobile app you’ll still see the recommended concerts near you listed in the middle of the artists page under On Tour.

What’s your favorite Spotify feature? What’s the last concert you’ve been to? Let’s talk music in the comments!

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