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You Can Now Use Multiple Signatures in Gmail

Dave Parrack 11-03-2020

Google is giving you the option to create and use multiple signatures in Gmail. This will enable you to create different signatures for different situations, so you can use a different signature in an email to your boss as you would in an email to a co-worker.


How to Create and Use Different Signatures in Gmail

Google announced that Gmail now supports multiple email signatures in a post on the G Suite Updates Blog. The company explains that multiple signatures gives you the flexibility to use different signatures across a range of different situations.

These different situations include “communicating across teams, organizations, or products,” “communicating across languages,” and “using different default signatures for new emails and replies.” Essentially, it puts more options at your fingertips.

To create multiple signatures, open Gmail, then click the Cog icon > Settings. Then, scroll down to Signature and select Create New. Here, you can create as many signatures as you want, varying them up so that they can be employed as and when needed.

To use multiple signatures, when composing a new email, click the Pen icon to open the signature menu. Then choose which signature you want to use on that particular email. You can also click Manage Signatures to add, edit, or remove signatures.


How to Create a Professional Email Signature

This might not be the biggest feature Google has ever added to Gmail, but it could be an extremely useful one. Especially if you’re the type of person who likes to use a signature on all of your emails, and employ different personas depending on the recipient.

Email signatures are a useful tool that many people aren’t taking advantage of. Which is a mistake, as they can make your communications look that little bit more professional. With that in mind, here are some tips for creating the perfect email signature 7 Tips for Creating the Perfect Professional Email Signature We've written a lot about how to email like a pro, but one aspect that's regularly overlooked is the email signature. Here's how to set up the perfect professional email signature. Read More .

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