How to Use Google’s Services Without a Gmail Account
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If you want to use Google Analytics to track your website’s traffic or find yourself needing access to Google Drive and Google Docs (or any of the many services Google offers), you don’t actually have to use a Gmail account to access them. You can use your existing email address instead!

To create a Google account in this way, go to the Google account signup page. This link should take you to the account signup page that doesn’t require signing up with a Gmail address.

Go through the steps of creating a new account: entering your name, username, password, birthday, etc. You can also enter your existing email that you want to use. If you end up on the regular signup page, be sure to click I prefer to use my current email address.

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This can be particularly useful if you want to use Google services with your work email and don’t want to blur the line between your personal and work accounts. And the good thing with this is that you can log into multiple accounts simultaneously, so if you still need access to a personal Gmail account, you can log into both at the same time. Just click on your profile picture and click Add Account to log into your second account.

After you sign up, a verification link will be sent to the email address you used to sign up for Google services. After you click the link, you should have instant access to Google Drive, Photos, Analytics, Keep, and more.

Would you sign up for a Google account using your work email? Or do you prefer to avoid Google altogether? Let us know why in the comments.

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